[Archive] Ass Cannon & Crew


Forgot to post this, it was in the Conversions section, then disappeared thanks to Photofucket.

AC2 by Andrew Taylor, on Flickr

AC1 by Andrew Taylor, on Flickr

AC3 by Andrew Taylor, on Flickr

ac4 by Andrew Taylor, on Flickr

ac5 by Andrew Taylor, on Flickr

Ghrask Dragh:

:hat off

Fantastic job mate, good choice of colours too


Darn Photobucket, but at least it meant we were presented with this sight again! Great paintjob on it and evocative surroundings. Added it to the main salvage gallery.

For newcomers and old returnees, it should be noted that AtomTaylor has cast this asscannon and many other sculpts of his own besides, and is selling it (my excuses if stock ran out or suchlike). So you can own your own!

Citadel miniatures have had a variety of strong things going for them through various style shifts, and a common thing for the oldhammer stuff is the sheer character of the models. Andy has captured this spirit in his sculpts and it’s like watching the '80s miniature scene unfold again with new releases.

Much recommended. :hat off


I must paint these awesome models soon!

But where is my spare time??? :mad