[Archive] Ass cannon Real vs. Tribute Model differences


As a big 2nd edition Chaos Dwarf fan in my younger years the unavailability and high price of the models caused me quite some agony.

This even led to me taking up sculpting because I really wanted the Marauder sorcerer but I couldn’t find one…

Leading to my first sculpt (this one is painted and had horns added by our talented fellow member: Clam):

This I sculpted to compensate the lack of this one (painted I believe by another talented fellow member Darkmeer):

Notice from the two above pictures that I didn’t copy the Marauder model just took inspiration from it.

So now we get to the infamous Siege cannon sculpted by the brilliant Nick Lund, also know as the Ass cannon (a fitting name considering it’s depicting a demon pooping cannonballs).

This is a model that was only sold through GW mail order and for a brief time only so it is very rare.

I sculpted a version for myself. BUT this is a complete new sculpt and I added enough subtle differences to always be able to see it is not an original model, even to the untrained eye, since I don’t don’t support recasting!
So here a list of the differences:
1. The original has a smooth base plate, my version has a very. rough grainy base plate.
2. The face is completely different.
3. The tail spike of the original is barbed, mine has a smooth spike.
4. The barrel stand on mine is much shorter than the original.

See below picture, again using a version of my cannon painted by Clam and the original one.

The last thing I want is one of my cannons to be sold as an original hope this post will help clarify!


Hey Sjoerdo. I think it was a good idea to make such comparison.


I have yours Sjoerdo and atom Taylors plus another due froma kickstarter soon.

Probably will never get an original but I love what i have.

Actually hope to paint what i have this year


The one from kickstarter is that the John Pickford one?


Great stuff, thanks for the information regarding the two… I might have to get one of yours… :wink:


I, too, appreciate the differences in the sculpts and how to look at them for the differences.  I have been wondering about the different ass cannons since I own none at the same time.

Also, thanks for using my MM90 as the example next to your sculpt!  It was a wonderful surprise this morning.  :hat off