[Archive] Astragoth backpack/banner pole - pic. please


I got an incomplete Astragoth in a eBay auction. He is without his backpack/bannepole. There ain’t really a place for him in my collection of 4th ed. Chaos Dwarfs (complete models only), but I think I’ll sculpt a new one for him anyway!

Problem is, I don’t really remember how it looks. As I recall it’s some kind of steam engine with some poles.

Had a look at Gloye4figures never ending auctions for Astragoth - but the picture only shows the back side and is very blury.

Does anyone have or could provide a high resolution picture of the backpack itself (Both sides - please). I would be very, very happy if someone could/would help me out.

Thx - in advance :hat off

- Clam


How is this?


Ahh! Mr. Wiki - thx! :slight_smile: - It’s way better, but I would really like high res. pic. if someone could provide.

Pyro Stick:

If no one else can provide by friday then i can take some 10 megapixel pics of my painted astragoth’s banner when i get back home (at gf’s house at the moment).


Would love that - thx!