[Archive] Auction with 36 sneaky gits - ends in one hour


(Not the seller, not affiliated with the seller, etc…)EBAY AUCTION


Probably will go for a decent price. I lost the big lot of CDs that he had up a few minutes ago. Maybe a power buyer is going after them?


I notice there weren’t many bids on it, so loaded up the sniping software, but the price it is at right now is more than I would feel comfortable paying.

Using ‘sniping’ software is the only way I’ve won ANY auctions at all. You might want to check them out!


I am not really into sniping. I usually decide which things I want from a lot and which I plan to sell. Figure out a low number for resale value and bid accordingly. The big lot just up I bid something like 425 or so. Two others went after it pretty fast and furious at the end. Saw a 510 flash up then a quick 610 right at the end.

Was planning on selling almost all of it again and keeping the Lammasu and a few of the characters and warmachines for myself…free miniatures for a little work cleaning and relisting. So, too much over 450 wasn’t going to make it worthwhile to me as I don’t like to charge super inflated prices and wait for months to sell something.

Good luck winning some choice lots in the future.


Aw man. I NEED hobgoblins!!! And 125 bucks for 36 Sneaky gits wasn’t that bad. Shame I was out dining with friends tonite… Otherwise I’d have definitely bid on this auction…