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Blue in VT:

Howdy all,

First of all…Mods… I’m not sure this post is in the right place so feel free to move it.

So when I signed on I saw everyones cool avatars and I wnated one myself…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so I picked a picture of one of my favorite CDs and tried to use that…the forum kept telling me it was too large…so I kept reducing it in photoshop…eventually even doing away with the color…then it was just barely small enough to use. So how the heck do you all have these sweet avatars without them being so big? some even with animation…ala Canix. Now that I have painted up a version of the figure that I’ve been using for my avatar I would like to replace the image but want to know how to do that without losing all the detail…or color!..:hat off

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers…:hat off



Some people may use a link to an image stored on a different site.

Blue in VT:


Ahh that would explain it…similiar to the way you put an image in a msg but host it at photobucket.

I’ll try that!


Pyro Stick:

Use photoshop to change the image size to 150x150 pixels (max) and then when you save it (if you have the same photoshop as i do) it should ask you what quality you want to save it as. Select the best quality you can that is under 25kb and save it as a gif then upload it to photobucket and use the link to change your avatar. If you dont have any of that then take a good quality pic and send it to me and i will do it.

edit: see you already changed it. I could make you an avatar like mine and clams if you like. Just send me a good quality pic of the model you want in it.

Blue in VT:

Ahhh…thanks boys…this is so much better!

:hat off



This has been helpful to me as well, I’v now been able to finish my own avatar.

Now me and vash can post on the same page without causing a paradox.