[Archive] Avatars of war as Chaos dwarfs


Have anyone considered using theese as Chaos dwarfs?


Grimbold Blackhammer:

Those are popular as generic dwarves but don’t often get used as their evil brethren.


Have anyone considered using theese as Chaos dwarfs?

Felix has said he wants to do evil dwarfs, but right now he's behind. Maybe 2016?


I’ve seen the runesmith and beserkers being used as base for convertions on this site.


I’m waiting for more units to be released to choose the more sexy and convert them. I think to the Iron Guard in particular. That’s my plan since the Indiegogo campaign, one year ago… Patience, patience… And it gives me time to do the remaining things : warmachines, hobgobs, destroyer, etc.

But I’ll surely take their Chaos Dwarfs aswell !


I’m still waiting on my limited edition BSB!

I’m hoping by the year 2019 i’ll have it

Bad Gram Northern:

I have considerd it!
I am convinced they can be made to look suitably chaos dwarf with just an appropriate paint job.
I’ve done some research on them and aparently the bronze shields are supposed to be junior warriors, the iron shields are regular warriors and they will release a unit of elite warriors soon(ish). So I’m wainting out untill those elites ever arrive because they will most likly be even better as chaos dwarfs. (but a lot of people are complaining about AoW not staying on shedule) In the mean time I’m anxiousy awaiting Rozmax’s dwarfs :slight_smile:

I’ve seen lots of examples of people converting berserkers to be used as war machine crew (including myself).
I’ve also purchased the runesmith to be used as a deamonsmith (he’s still awaiting paint though)
the other heroes I have regulary seen painted as chaos dwarfs

If you do use these please keep us informed :wink: i’m very curious to see how you would paint them

edit: apparantly there are also plans for a unit of plastic chaos dwarf warriors but I wouldn’t wait around for those…


I’m using them, I think are perfect for my berserkers. As soon as I can figure out how to post pics I will.


If I remember it right, this month’s unit will be either the Thunder Warriors (basically dwarfs with blunderbusses/pistols &granades AND scaled armor.) or the pathfinders (caped dwarfs with 2-h axes/crossbows).

the problem is, Felix is sculpting all those delicious units but HE DOESN’T TELL anything.

even those who had pledged on the indiegogo have trouble knowing what’s coming out and when.

and there’s almost a month delay between pledge-release and the public one.

it’s really sad, those are really wonderfull sculpts, with just a little more effort on the PR side…



I’m using the berserkers for my chaos dwarfs - see my blog above. The path finders weren’t out - but I’d definitely have used them as the basis for my blunderbuss regiment thought! They’re are a good miniature - some of the best plastics I’ve used outside GW. I’d thoroughly recommend them!

Kera foehunter:

I say get them and you can play them as dwarfs or chaos but i pick the slayer if it was me:)


I’m using the guy with the Blunderbuss as filler :slight_smile:


This is the new upcoming Dwarf unit, the Doomcrushers :

When I see some of you using the new Longbeards as Chaos Dwarfs, I think this unit may be used aswell… As said before, I’m waiting for the Iron guards, but this one is actually my favorite.

This champion is almost the same as the GW Hammerer : :stuck_out_tongue:


Those are pretty cool anf habr some real potential. If the price is as other AoW regiments, that’ll be a great base for Dawi Zharr.

Heard from a traitor (can’t be my friend) at Bugmans Brewery, that a lot of pwople complain about AoW dwarfs being hard to assemble and rank.

Anyone here with that experience?


A bit difficult to rank, yes. I’ll have to ask my brother about the assembly. Though it would only apply to their Bronzeshields.


Those look really nice, but I can see the ranking problems. But are they any worse than the IG from FW?