[Archive] Azhag the Slaughterer!


The wyvern is just amazing! I was thinking of using the current model as part of a Taurus conversion, but I may wait for this to come out now. On the subject of the face, don’t complain its easily fixed. Just take any decent orc character head and swap them round. There are some spare in the new plastic general box from what I hear. If you really want to use the original head then from what i’ve seen people on this site’s sculpting skills should be well up to fixing it up a bit.

Its a shame GW are being so pathetic really.:sick If they want you to take it down Xander, just do as they ask and then send the pic to another site which hasn’t put it up yet.

Ghrask Dragh:

It’s an amazing model!

Abit disapointed with the sloping jaw, they did the same with one of the heads in the multi-part Big Boss kit someone must have said it looked good?, but the story behind Azhag makes up for the stupidness on this model!!

Wyvern 5stars!!


I’m pretty sure this comes under threadomancery Ghrask…