[Archive] Baces for figures ( help)

Kera foehunter:

I have done lava and wooden planks bases for my figures and rocky baces snowBaces

they got kinda boring!! so i need some help with new ideas

Free cookies for ideas

and hugs for pictures :hat off



  • Bases made to look like segments from the Dawi’Zharr roads made of Brass & Gold?

    * Dead Slaves (like bodies piled up from various armies, could be good for cleaning out odd models and bitz boxes)

    * machinery or pieces of Chaos Dwarf machinery

    * along the lines of the dead slaves - pick the army you like the least and go with that for your ‘standing atop the remains of the crushed & vanquished enemy’ bases

    * Chaos Dwarf interior (temple of Hashut, Forge, etc)… with this, go with a movement tray-sized theme for the scene, then divide it up into small model-sized segments. Unit fillers will help too

    * ruins of the Dwarf Underway. Again, it’ll be an interior base, so flat stone surfaces and a few bits of rubble, and the odd dwarf rune.

    * train theme, again, build it on the scale of the movement tray. Tracks wouldn’t be on all of them, but could span several bases.

    * swamp bases? Maybe combined with wee tiny Bog Faeries that are buzzing around annoying the unit?

    Maybe those are all larger projects than you’d want to consider as most of them would require numerous rank and file models to pull off the effect.


Kera foehunter:

Thinking more like waist land or mudflats

But here a few cookie Nic.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Have you considered a battlefield or a ruin in a wasteland? Boken bits of masonry, ruined buildings, broken signs, bodies, weapons, trampled standards; all sorts of things can be added to make it more interesting. If you have one particular army you are proud to have beaten or you just dislike in general, use bits from their army, sprinkle with the odd body or two, and you have awesome theme!

As an example, my Dark Elves are themed with (I know it’s cliche…) High Elf bits. I have a swordmaster laying dead beneath my Cold One Knight champion with his sword lying on the base of one model and his helmet lying on another. The Witch Elves have bodies lying on their bases - some are standing on the body while other are merely standing over them. The Witch Elf champion, who’s native pose is holding a head high in the air, stands over a decapitated elf with his blood running down the base. The Hydra is crawling over the wreckage of a fallen High Elf waystone. My Assassin, Lelith from 40K, stands upon a fallen High Elf standard. And so on. I paainted my army in a very monochomatic fashion so adding the enemy bits let me add a lot of colour that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

My Druchii are the army I put real effort into (everything else just gets painted to tabletop standard) but if I were to use that sort of theme with Chaos Dwarves, I’d likely pick Dwarves as the enemy. I’d get a couple of those old fences from Battle for the Skull Pass sets and mount them in front of some of my war machines. I’d hang lots of traditional Dwarvish weapons and shields from my standards and have them being trod upon by the advancing Chaos Dwarves. I’d use cannons half-buried in the dirt for base decorations and perhaps my K’daai swarming over the remains of an organ gun and her crew. Lastly atop my army BSB I’d find the head of a mighty looking dwarf and mount it on the very top upon a spike. Throughout the army I’d have bases with occasionally decorated with dwarvish rune stones, ammo boxes, and so on. Any markers I need to make would be cricified Dwarves, Dwarfs in chains, and so on.

Hope that helps!

Grimbold Blackhammer


Crystal bases?
Or you could do desert/beach bases
Knee-deep water bases

Nico’s idea of a building/ruin spread out over the unit sounds good to me!

Or how about a trench in the unit, spread out over the front or back bases where all the troops are stationed/coming out of.