[Archive] Back Banners. I want

Pyro Stick:

As you can see from my army i am missing two Back Banners. One for my hero and the other for my sorceror. Does anyone have two spare Back Banners. Im scared to ask the essex girl like i did with the whirlwind parts as we are not on good terms anymore. Ill buy them of anyone that has them.


I have one from my Mage, but I am not sure if I am going to use it or not…

It seems hardly worth selling it, it’s so small. :confused:

Pyro Stick:

Well if you decide you dont need it then please let me buy it if the postage wont be too high.


the essex girl would charge you like 30quid for it ! shes a right ****


Hmm, I don’t have any but if you can buy the Space Marine commander set for �8 you get two plastic back banners in that iirc (one might need a bit of filing though).