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Hi, dudes and dudettes,

I’m back from an holiday in UK. A lovely week riding my bike from Cirencester to London, from the source of Thames river to the big city!

Aaaaaah, the lovely weather of thy olde Britannia! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lovely places, very good time and wonderful pubs! :slight_smile:

I had a nice guide with the best pubs of England… I’m starting to love real ales… :cheers :cheers


I’m glad that you and your invisible friend had a good time!


I'm glad that you and your invisible friend had a good time!

Ehehehe, he's taking the picture while shouting against the weather.... :)

Pyro Stick:

You should have come to Scotland!


Glad you enjoyed your trip to the uk :slight_smile: , hope it did not rain to much for you, if you come back for another visit in the future i would recommend Scotland as well a truly wonderful place and also Kent the garden of England, lovely country side and loads of history if your in to that sort of thing :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

I see you went in the Dry season Bassman!


I see you went in the Dry season  Bassman!

Kera foehunter
lol ehehehehe :) I wonder how it's in winter!! :o
Well, more time for the pub ;) :cheers

Loki: 3-4 years ago I had been living for 2 weeks in Canterbury before moving to London. Nice place and full of history.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d recommend one day following the Thames to it’s end from London. You’ll go past Hadleigh Castle (what’s left of it), which is where the 2012 Olympic cross country biking will take place, Old Leigh (a quaint fishing town) and end up in Southend, where it finishes. Southend is n the top 5 beach holiday places in England (apparently) and it has the world’s longest pleasure pier, which is also the second longest over all. On top of that, if you could lug your Warhammer, we’d get a game in :wink:

Glad to see you got some of our good weather and glad to read you enjoyed it :smiley:


You’re recommending someone to go to Southend?!


Canterbury is a great city, i spend most of my spare time there with mates


Did you storm GW while there? It’s the civic duty of every Chaos Dwarf!


Actually the plan was to get to Southend on Sea… then became, Gravesend… then the Thames lock… we ended to stop in London… ehhehehe. Too many pubs on the way do not help cyclists :cheers

Canterbury is lovely I still remember with pleasure the few days spent there in my life. I felt much better then the poor Thomas Beckett… ehhehehe :slight_smile:

I’d like to storm GW but I was very far away from their headquarters… obviously I popped into a shop when it was possible. It was a shop in Oxford… but I could not find anything Chaos DWarfs related… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tonite I’m gonna show pictures to friends and we are having an “English night” that means a lot of real ale and some steack and ale pie… I just found the recipe on internet… yeah! :hat off

One Man's Travels: Traditional English Steak & Ale Pie Recipe

Cheers… :cheers

To Scots, Welsh and Irish, do not worry I already had the pleasure to visit your countries… Galway, Donegal, Edinburgh, Gower peninsula, Cardiff all of them are lovely places. :hat  Do not want to start a flame war among britons and not-so-britons… ehehhehe :stuck_out_tongue:



Yay! Did you happen to see any of the sights around there?

Kera foehunter:

So Bassman how does one get a job of peddling there ass all over town and drink beer???


So Bassman  how does one get a job of peddling there ass all over town and drink beer???

Kera foehunter
Ehehhee, don't you know the word vacation? Oh, sorry I forgot you live in USA not in socialist Europe where comrades got the right of vacation... ehehehe ;P
I'm kidding of course, being a indipendent professionist I can get vacation whenever I want... the downside is that I do not get a single cent during my vacation... :(

Dedwrekka: are you from Donegal? I've had a wonderful vacation a couple of years ago, I travelled with my ex-girlfriend from Shannon Airport to Galway, then to Donegal, a place called Glencolumbkille :) , drove torough the Glenveagh National Park to get ot Letterkenny where live some friends and finally spend our new years eve (Yes it was winter and the landscape was terrific! ) in a small pub in a micro village called Glen not far from Dunfanaghy. Lovely places, I'd come back as soon as possible. :)

Kera foehunter:

In the free west. Bassman we can ride are bike in are own country lol

Vacation is working only 40 hours he he


Good man on the Real Ale front! If you haven’t already suggest you try Hobgoblin, Spitfire, Harvey’s (both brewed in Kent) Fullers ESB and London Pride, Adnam’s Broadside and Woodforde’s Wherry.


AGPO: I tried Hobgoblin (very good) :idea, Fuller (good) and London Pride (nice but I preferred other Real Ales).

There are more but I do not remember names… sorry :frowning:

I tried a local micro brewery in Woodstock… yummy, yummy! :slight_smile:

My fav pubs during the tour:

Local brewery in Woodstock, the Eagle and child in Oxford (Tolkien and Lewis Carrol pub!), The old Cheeshire Cheese in London (great beer and food) and of course my favourite pub in London Thy olde Mitre (great real ales and “real” pub food).

But many more are worth remembering… if I could :expressionless: