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I’m really eager to put together a Chaos Dwarf army but I have no idea where to start? I have had several attempts at making a CD army but I never continued with it. Is there any good starting points and how much would they cost?

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Couple of cheap options, grab your self:-

1. Battle for skull pass boxed set, in there you will be able to make a reasonable army, and you can convert the goblins to! Jsut add green stuff and some simple sculpting methods

2. ‘Go Mantic’ my blog has some examples of simple conversions.
Same goes, simple conversions are making good looking models - even if i do say so myself.

-have a look on the http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Wiki, some info on there, also have a look around the site, there are loads of conversion examples.


If you can’t find the 7th ed WfB starter set - another good way is picking up a Dwarf battalion. BfSPs are cheapest, but the ‘single’ pose can be rather boring working with - so multipart GWs are often found more usable - in the long run.

But my first suggestion would be - go visit Snotlings and Xanders armies in the main gallery for inspiration. Both have based their army on BfSP dwarfs.

Or go mantic like Nitro. Mantic’s are a new approach - so you won’t find much inspiration here, yet. But Nitro is working on that :smiley: - and his work is very inspiring - though, not much have been painted, yet :rolleyes:


Don’t forget to check out the wiki for [[Chaos Dwarf Hobby Articles]]


There’s also the eBay seller Hoard 'o Bits ( hoard_*_bits on eBay )

They still seem to have a fair bit of BFSP stuff. I bought a ton of cannon crews, King’s walls and Goblins a while back…

They don’t seem to have much from BFSP at the moment, but maybe keep checking in, or just contact them. Alternately, on-line shops may still have some stock. Our local store had one for a while… and they still have several copies of Space Hulk kicking around too which I’m sure some folks on eBay would like to know about!!

This seller is also a good one to find all of those beefy Marauder muscle arms for converting your Dawi into Daw’Zharr, a la Xander’s video (which was originally Exquisite Evil’s method, I believe) :wink:


I’m really liking the look of those Mantic Dwarfs.


I'm really liking the look of those Mantic Dwarfs.

Good man! :hat off


You can also find the BFSP Dwarves here:

eBay auction


I’d like to move away from BFSP Chaos Dwarfs as I’ve tried to make them numerous times and they’ve never worked out for me and I hate using Green stuff. So the less sculpting the better.


I'd like to move away from BFSP Chaos Dwarfs as I've tried to make them numerous times and they've never worked out for me and I hate using Green stuff. So the less sculpting the better.

Then 'going Mantic' might be a plan, perhaps?
- converting them is pretty easy, doing masks for them would be even easier.
N/B - they are stocky and conversions are a near absolute requirements, but the scale mail is easier than I thought, beards are a doddle - just get an old dental tool for doing it. Hats are of course optional, but my 'fat hats' are working well (for now).


There is also a list of other company’s CDs in the wiki, worth a peek.


A fun way to make Hobgoblins, that I used:

Get the older 6E era Dwarfs. The ones with the potbellies. A bit harder to find, but worth it. They’re great Dwarfs IMHO… but make a great basis for Hobgoblins. All you really need to do is swap heads. Get the Goblin heads from friends or a bits store and you’re good to go. The dwarf hands do work, just go for axes, though swapping for Goblin arms can work too.

I’d also recommend getting the wicker Goblin shields, though the standard round shields that come with can work too.

Best of all these can be easily used in a Greenskin army too, so it has cross use!

There are other good ways, and cheap too, to make Hobgoblins. Many people have done well using the Skull Pass Night gobbos (again easily fitting cross use too).