[Archive] Baltimore Games Day 2010 - A ton of pictures!


So we took a bunch of pictures, and the fastest way to get them online was just to upload the entire batch through Picasa.  So mind the blurry pictures and take a look!

We had a lot of interest in the table and the chaos dwarf models.  We handed out about 175 business cards with the CDO url on them.  

So if you like the pics, or the table, or the CDs, leave us a comment to let us know that all our efforts were worth while. :wink:

We begin the long drive back tomorrow morning!



Punishment Factory:

Did you guys crush the dwarves? The table turned out very nicely.


Awesome, awesome. Very impressed with out it turned out. And did my eyes deceive me or did I see a Fimir on the table too :wink:


That was one impressive table! Thanks guys, it looked great. Nice way to bring new CD followers to the fold. :hat off

But did you crush the dwarves? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thommy H:

Awesome stuff. My favourite picture is probably the one of Willmark and Xander staring at each other in what looks like complete confusion.


There are some really impressive shots in there, I think you guys represented us very well.

Well done to vexxus on the battlefield, it came out really well in the end. I’m curious how he made the small tower things in the oil pit?

Your army is certainly an impressive size now


The table turned out awesome

I like that the triple-barreled Hellcannon and Kollosus made it!

You’re a trusting man to just leave a treasure like White Dwarf Presents on the table, I’ve seen some groups chain rulebooks to the table.

The posters turned out very well, what was written on the table between them?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

An awesome table and a great display of this community. My hat goes off to you guys. :hat off


Epic! :slight_smile:

I can’t believe you got all that painted!


Amazing Battlefield and great army!

The posters are also ace!

Kudos guys! :hat off


Border Reiver:

The table and every thing looks awesome!

How many visitors are you getting?


Great inmortals, I like them a lot, I think also the table is great but as there are good photos, are others that they quality are not very good.Also, Have do you really needed more than 175 bussiness cards?


Looks great! :slight_smile:

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My compliments for the table and for the beautiful report. I know it’s not easy :slight_smile:

It really cheers up my boring afternoon… I’m studying new material for my job. :frowning:


Excellent action gents!!! Did you only play the one game? and Who won?!?!!?


Q & A:

Did you guys crush the dwarves?

Not really, but the Chaos Dwarfs defended the tower well. Many hobgoblins were sacrificed and Immortals were a favorite target for artillary. The Collossus (run as a Hellcanon) was blown up by a canon at one point, but defeated the unit of slayers in a two unit mini-game (for kids).

And did my eyes deceive me or did I see a Fimir on the table too?

Good spotting Nicodemus! Several Fimirs from Heroquest were used as slave models. Both Xander and myself have a soft spot for them.

I’m curious how he made the small tower things in the oil pit?

Xander bought kits from a hobby store for miniature trains etc. He went there for the tracks, and saw those tankis, which looked industrial enough to belong to the CD’s and picked a few up. I like the way they turned out. During games, the tar pit was used to house dead models, lol.

The posters turned out very well, what was written on the table between them?

A description of the table’s event, namely the “watchtower” scenario. The amazing artwork drew a lot of people to the table, the description got them to pause just long enough for us to zip over and start our pitch, a strategy which held great success.

How many visitors are you getting?

Very hard to say exactly, but you may be able to extrapolate for yourself. We were told that over 3200 fans attended, plus staff (many of which were thrilled to see a CD presence). Action at the table was nearly non-stop. Lots of 40k players of course, but still solid interest in Fantasy, I felt.

The table is great but there are good photos, and are others that they quality are not very good.

The Hotel had a very bad internet (wirleess B with poor signal) connection, and it was a very long day for Xander and I. As such, Xander chose to batch post ALL the photos, rather than try to sort them out. There are many blurry shots because I like to toy with settings to get the best shot. The lighting in there wasn’t great for photos, but I tried a lot of the time not to use a flash. after 3 blurry shots I would often turn the flash on in defeat.

Also, do you really need more than 175 bussiness cards?

We estimate 175 business cards to those who showed interest in the army/forums/website/webzine based on the amount we have left of the 250 we had printed.

Did you only play the one game?  and Who won?!?!!?

Only one “full” game was played, and the Chaos Dwarfs won, because the Tower was successfully defended. We focused more on having the army for display, as many many individuals wanted pictures, and far fewer people wanted to commit a large portion of their day. This worked out really well, as the board was free for photos, and we were free to promote the site.


What did the staff say about the table and army?


Vex and Xander did a great job. As if my other health issues weren’t enough I actally got a cold and lost my voice on saturday. Joy.


I took a fair amount of video that I’m going to start editing today, hopefully I can have it posted Tomorrow or Wednesday…


It was great to meet you, man! Thanks for coming out and supporting CDO!