[Archive] Baltimore GD



We finished setting up the Baltimore Games Day. I tell you, this year looks like it will be the largest we’ve ever had, easily twice the size of Atlanta. If anyone is going to make it check out the 40k Tables, my names is Tooze and I’ll be running one over there. At any rate I had an opportunity to speak with Jervis Johnson about the Chaos Dwarf line and its future. He was unable to answer me directly, but mentioned that there we numerous projects that they felt needed work and he made a point that GW was going to fully support any armies that they create. Take it for what you will, but I for one came away with some hope for the future. I’ll keep talking to people and see what I can discover. Cheers


Well I supose thats encouraging, but nothing concrete. I just wish they’d give us a bit more of an idea of what and when we can hope for