[Archive] Base size for various models?

Groznit Goregut:

I know that some of these answers have been posted in various locations, but it would probably be nice to have the answers somewhere central. I don’t know if the new book even answers these questions or not. Does it

Talk about base size? Or is it left up for interpretation?

What size bases for:

Great Taraus


Bull Centaur


K’daai Destroyer

Much thanks for any help!


Great Taraus 50x50 (current Finecast)

Lammasu 50x50 (current Finecast)

Bull Centaur - No good consensus yet, originally 25x50, but could go with 40x40 or 50x50

K’daai 50x50 makes the most sense I think

K’daai Destroyer 100x150


Groznit Goregut:

That was fast. A few further questions.

What is the whole uncertainty of the Bull Centaurs an how do we get a resolution?

Why 50x50 for the K’daai? I would think 40x40 would be better. Same as trolls, ogres, an other monstrous infantry.

Time of Madness:

Fireborn and centaurs can either be on 40mm or 50mm bases. I’ve been playing them on 40mm bases.

Time of Madness


Whole uncertainty: if you use original CD bull centaurs, you’d get regular cavalry bases on a rather thin model (like the centigors from the beastmen range). It’s hard to justify 3 wounds on such small models! BUT that’s the bases they came with. If this list makes them cost more and gives them more wounds, so be it. People cry about only two attacks instead of three, but they’re resilient and if you field them on their cavalry bases I see nothing wrong with having fewer enemy models that can attack them–in fact it’s usually a benefit for us.

I left my centaur conversions on their cavalry bases.

Time of Madness:

Big difference between centigors and centaurs is the wounds. Bull centaurs have 2 wounds and centigors have 1 wound.

There is nothing in warhammer on cav bases with more then 1 wound other then sabretusks, but I don’t think they are a good comparison.

Ultimately I think they are suppose to be on 40mm bases, however some have even argued for 50mm bases. Bloodcrushers are on 50mm bases and they have 2 wounds like bull centaurs.

Time of Madness


Until FW actually release some models some of the base sizes are conjecture.

RAW say use the base size the miniature comes with which for bull centaurs would be cavalry bases. The new WF rules say that they are monstrous beasts and come in units of 3+ most people are not unreasonably predicting that they will come on a 40mm base and are using this, the same goes for the Fire-Born.

The destroyer has a note in the book saying the design intent is to be on a 100x150 base.




There is nothing in warhammer on cav bases with more then 1 wound other then sabretusks, but I don't think they are a good comparison.

Time of Madness

Time of Madness
Flesh Hounds.

Necropolis Knights have 3 wounds and come on a chariot base!

Base and wounds are getting somewhat out of whack in 8th in my mind.

I would expect something bigger than a cavalry base though. It's just frustratingly hard not to have them ever tell us.:mad

Thommy H:

There is no correlation between Wounds and base size. There is also no correlation between Wounds and Unit Type. There is a slight correlation between Base Size and Unit Type.

Nico’s thread about this actually covers pretty much everything any sane person might conceivably wish to know about this topic.

Groznit Goregut:

Thanks for everything, including the link for the other thread.

I think 40x40 is best and makes the most sense. I have the old GW ones, but am thinking of putting them on the bigger bases. It will be easier to do something cool with the bases modeling wise.