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Hi there!

New Chaos Dwarfs collector/player here!

I’ve bought my basic army, and I’m itching to start painting it, but I cannot think of a way to do my bases!

I don’t want lava bases. Even though it looks really cool, i feel that

1, everyone seems to run it

and 2, I’m playing on a grass covered board 90% of the time. Would not fit in very well.

I was thinking though if I could do some burnt down grass-theme? Ashes, burnt grass, coal and stuff, throw in some skulls here and there :hashut

But I need ideas on how to achieve this without it looking booring. I’ve been googling but cannot come up with something that I’m satisfied with.

So please CD community, help me out here!


Grimbold Blackhammer:

I guess the first question is what’s your skill level and how much effort do you want to put into your bases?

How does burnt rubble sound?  Broken boards, shields, weapons, and skulls.  Rocky ground with sparse dry, brown grass trying to eek out a living in a hostile environment.  If you use unit fillers, it could be the shell of a burnt building/war machine/anything you’d like.

If you want to put in the effort, paint all your bases as being apart of some sort of magical rune etched into the floor in silver and gold.  As inspiration I’ll refer you to this Tomb King blog.  His basing is very different of course but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can have some spectacular bases to really show off your army. I don’t know how your painting skills are but if you can pull off OSL effects, this could be awesome.

Your army could all be mounted on fallen stone plinths and broken dwarf masonry (the conquering heroes!).  Feel free to adorn the ground with dwarfish iconography, weapons, shields, etc.  I’ve seen movement trays with a stone theme that look quite good.

If you want pre-made bases, check out Scibor.  They have a ton!

Good luck!


The trick question is how big is your army going to be. if you create massively details bases for your first units or individual models you can get stuck with having to make them all that way and find that it takes up a hell of a lot of your time. The choice is yours and it has to be what you’d like to do. If the theme is their home area, just picture the region your going to create for them or somewhere else?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Very true! It’s a mix of how much time do you want to spend on bases and how big the army is. Fortunately Chaos Dwarfs are usually pretty small so you won’t have to put a fancy base on five hundred models or whatnot. Does your army have a theme? If they’re raiding a Dwarven Hold or vault, dwarfy floors and what not should be your floor. An invasion from the Chaos Wastes can have all kinds of base types - dry cracked earth, lava flows (which you said you wanted to avoid), the generic dark rocky ground, barely hospitable dirt, etc. You could be defending your home and put the models on stoney brick floors with defensive spikes and whatnot all over your movement trays. If you’re in the mines you could have rough stone floors with stalagmites and whatnot. The possibilities are there but they all take various amounts of imagination, skill, and effort to pull off.

Time of Madness:

You can be lazy like me and just buy resin bases

BASE X OF WAR - CLICK ME and trays for your whole army.

It is pricey, but the end result look great! My Tzeentch Daemon Army

Time of Madness


... Fortunately Chaos Dwarfs are usually pretty small so you won't have to put a fancy base on five hundred models or whatnot.

Grimbold Blackhammer
That is my problem. But I'm gunna try a few different bases for variety


I talk about basing ideas here. Maybe it can help?


Just have a look in the gallery section, there you can find quite a lot of different models and bases! :hat off