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I’ve heard a few people mention over time a painting/basing lava tutorial here on the forums but I haven’t found it (even with a search). Does anyone know what I’m referring to?


It’s in the Word of Hashut e-zine. (go to this sites front page (just click the banner on the top of this forum) and click �?�Online Magazine on the navagation bar. I figure you know this but it always pays to make sure.)

The tutorial in question is in issue 2 and is by Thommy H and is on pages 28-30, there are plenty of different ways to download it on the WoH page.

I do remember there being another one but I can’t remember where that is anymore.


Another good one is here

, this might be the one in question, i understand that some people may not want to dl a whole web-zine, for a page tutorial.


another fine one:


with power weapon guide:


Thommy H:

Mine is the best.

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Da Crusha:

Here are a couple that Ive had bookmarked


CoolMiniOrNot Forums -

CoolMiniOrNot Forums -


I have also this:

I read them all and took the things i learnd to suit my ideas.
You can do it several ways in the end; from light to dark or the other way round, i was quite happy doing first the darkest reds then gradually up to a full white.
Its also a good idea to search for some real life reference pics on google.


Thank you everyone! My question was based upon the idea that there was one standard tutorial that everyone seemed to think was better than the others. I’d seen most of these but not all. I appreciate the links!! You guys are why this site ROCKS!!!