[Archive] Basing With Coconut


So lately I found out that you can use a Coconut for few different things.

Check it out: http://www.denofimagination.com.pl/2012/11/basing-with-coconut.html

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Da Crusha:

very neat idea.

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Great idea! As soon as we have another one the left over is mine! Stop, there is nothing new to that if you have a family!

Setting fun aside, that looks really good. I wonder if I can adapt it to my lava scheme.


I think that with smaller pieces it should work nicely.

Time of Madness:

Tough to base a whole army that way (that a lot of coconut), however the finish product does look amazing!

Time of Madness



I would have never thank about such thing!


What do you use to blend it all together, just some sort of filler?

This is certainly novel and very effective, but personally I’d prefer bark.


I prefer bark too, but if i want a sharp edged stone i use coconut. I fill it with sand and PVA glue


yep, really nice idea. That’s another one to keep in mind for whenever I need it.

Kera foehunter:

That a great idea , Now i can drink pina Coletta and save the coconut shell for basing


Please don’t try that I’m a trained professional