[Archive] basing?


how would you base a metal figure with plastic glue and do you have to cut of the thing in his feet that keeps him on the base?


very simple you cant , plastic glue works by slightly melting the plastic so it bonds together it will have no effect on metal, what are to trying to base it on to ? it its just to a standard slotted base all you need to do is bend the bit of metal between the feet slightly and push hard in to the base this should be more than enough to hold the model .


i mean a base with sand on it, and will GS work? or do i have to get some metal glue?


i would say its best to get some super glue, gs will hold it but not as well


Superglue is best for metal-plastic gluing. You can use any that is cheaper than the GW one, they are all as good as each other except that some keep better than others.

Kera foehunter:

ok what i do is pin the figure to the baces !

i cut off the metal piece that fits the slot baces

as for adding sand to a base i use a super glue with brush type to bush on the glue!

and i make rock and stones out of green stuff


hmm okey, i lack all kind of tools but do you think putting GS on his boots and press them on the base so the GS finds all holes in the sand work?


that might work, or to might just stick all the sand to the gs and not hold the model on at all, also you are going to end up with blobs of green stuff on each foot, try it out on 1 model first see if your happy with the result then go from there