[Archive] Basius Kickstart


I have a few armies that need to be based so I’ve been waiting awhile for these to become available again. For some reason they came out with another kickstart instead of just selling them on their site. I guess they needed funding to rework some of the pads. Either way here they are, Basius press pads for making your very own custom textured bases.


They have lots of different types of terrain to choose from. And the project is already way past its goal.


It’s worth looking at just to see all of the old school models.


Wow, some of the more detailed wares such as Norse and Elven looks fantastic! Highly useful, thanks for sharing!


I should get me hands on something like this… I just paint up sand on a base to look like gravel , or use Citadel technical paint with all that cracked earth effect for the looks I want in Mordheim / Frostgrave games where the streets are paved or have cobblestone… This looks way better! Thanks for the share!