[Archive] Battle of the Buckeyes 2400pt Chaos Dwarfs


Well, as promised earlier when I posted my army list, here’s a brief synopsis of this years tournament. We had almost 100 players from as far away as Finland. I wont repost my list here, its on the army list thread for anyone who wants to check. I’ll try and post a detailed report later this week.

game 1-opponent-Tomb Kings. I lost my unit of doomglaives after taking a casualty and failing a panic check and subsequent rally to start his turn. Killed 3 Necropolis knights in 1 round of magma cannon fire. He charged my K’daai with his Necrosphinx. k’daai kills it after 3 rounds of poor dice on my part. End result-Major victory for Chaos Dwarfs.

game 2-opponent- Lizardmen. Magic heavy Toad, no Temple Guard. i ancient steg with engine of the gods an lvl 3 skink shaman. 2 units of 40 saurus warriors. 2 salamanders, 1 unit of terradons. I hit the terradons wit a magma cannon on turn 1 and they fled off the board.Turn 2 was each of us trying to position ourselves for the charge. Kdaai charged 1 unit of saurus warriors, and after successfully casting ash storm on them, killed the unit in 3 turns. This because due to cold blooded and a nearby bsb, he made 3 break tests on 4 or less. I cast ash storm on his other unit of saurus, enabling me to considerably thin the unit before he charged my hobgoblins, who held up 1 turn enabling me to flank charge and wipe them out with my doomglaive unit. End result-Major victory for Chaos Dwarfs.

game 3-opponent-Chaos Warriors.- His entire army wasimmune to psychology. He also had a hellcannon,which did nothing against me. He charged my Kdaai on turn 2 with his unit of mounted knights including BSBand his general, and wiped it off the boardin 1 turn. Ouch. I was able to wipe out 2 units of is warriors, with combined fire from the magma cannonsand doomglaives, andmy bull centaurskilled his hell cannon. This guy ended up winning best general. End result-Draw.

game 4-opponent Brettonians. This scenario rewarded your general for winning a challenge or killing a monster, and his general was tooled up to kill things t5 and above. He was practically licking his chops as we set up our armies. He had 2 units of 12 knights errant,2 units of knights of the realm, 2 trebuchets, 20 archers, a unit of 4 pegasus knights, a bsb, a lvl4 and a lvl 2 with a dispel scroll and the silver mirror.Turn 1 I flew out with my lord on the taurus to position myself for ash storm. I also hit his unit of knights containing his bsb with an absolutely perfectly placed flame template, wounding 9, and him failing saves on 4, rolling 11 for his break test and 10 for reroll, then fleeing off the board. A 600+ point unit , including his bsb. Nice shot, magma cannon. He charged my lord with his pegasi, but failed to wound me. I killed 3 with my attacks, then decided to use my breath weapon to make sure I won and got overrun to place myself out of line of sight for his generals unit, which thankfully happened. He charged all of his units at my hoboglins and bull centaurs. He won combat against my bull centaurs but failed to run them down, and they rallied and were able to not get charged on his turn thanks to another timely ash storm. I charged his generals unit with my lord on taurus in the rear, and the kdaai on the flank. He immediatley challenged my general, which I had to accept. He did all of his attacks against the taurus, successfully killing it. But I had the perfect answerto his heavily armored character killer-thebest 20 pt item in the game-blood of hashut. I rolled a 5, and he failed all of his ward saves. Dead Brettonian general.Oh, and my hobgoblin wolf riders(ridiculous for a rare slot) actually managed to kill both of his trebuchets. I was as surprised as he was. End result-Major victory for Chaos Dwarfs.

Game 5-opponent Dark Elves. He had a lvl 4 in a big unit of dark riders and a lvl 2, 1 hydra, several units of crossbows, a big unit of witch elves with a bsb. I was handily beating him til the last turn when he positioned himself on my flank with a march move and rolled irresistable force on the Purple Sun of No Fun and a 30 inch range. He killed my lord, the taurus, my daemonsmith, 5 hobgbilns, 4 doomglaives, and both magma cannons with that one huge devastating spell. I still managed to kill all of his witch elves and bsb with the kdaai and bull centaurs, and got his hydra too. Despite the havoc wreakedwith that last spell, this game too ended in a draw.

Overall-3 major victories, 2 draws. I came in 9th place overall, I was the only Chaos Dwarf player there. Not to shabby, considering I took what I considered a characterful rather than overly powerful(despite the kdaai) army. Most of my opponents were at least somewhat familiar with the army, somehaving played games against them before. I have many issues with ToT, but something is better than nothing, and Im ust glad we have anopportunity to play this awesome army after all these years. Hashut! Vaggrund! Zharr Nagrund!:hashut


very respectable result, well done that man!




Nicely done, Neb. That Bret player must’ve been pulling his hair out of his skull by the end of that game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nicely done, Neb.  That Bret player must've been pulling his hair out of his skull by the end of that game.  :P

Yeah, he sure was.If I hadnt had my own issues with the dice gods earlier, I would've felt sorry for him....almost....lol. I did have 5 great games,btw, as always, and if any of you are close to central Ohio,or able to travel, Buckeye Battles is an outstanding tournament every year, with tons of prize support.(plug). Im pretty pleased with my effort, had I not lost half of my army to Purple Sun of Xereus on the last turn, I wouldve made a run for best general. But then, had I not wiped out the Bretts with a magma cannon shot and he failed his panic tests, that wouldve been a vastly different game as well. The dice gods giveth, and the dice gods taketh away.....;)


Well done dude nice read.


well done. good job especially considering how many people were there!

please post detailed battle reports soon! i’m still getting used to my CD and i like reading battle reports to get ideas.


Congratulations, that’s really a good performance. Yes, please do send more details on each battle, hence we would get more ideas on how to lead our CD troops!!! :wink: