[Archive] Battle Report Chaos Dwarfs(RH) versus Dwarfs of Chaos (Indy)


Ok, just did a very fun game of Warhammer against Bas_2312.
It was 2250 points and it was my ravening hords CD’s against his DoC’s from the Indy list a very interesting game to start, I made lots of pictures and in the end I thought it would be fun to do a report.

I drew up a battle field in Flash so I can do a step by step overview, so i’ll do a new post for every turn here are the armies and layout.

for my complete armylist check the last entry here…


Bas put his second Demon Smith in the left unit of Blunderbusses.
I put my Hobgoblin hero in the left unit of Chaos Dwarfs.

My sorcerer ended up with spell 1,2 and 3 from the death lore (2 magic missiles and Steal Soul).

Bas sorcerer had 1,2,4 and 6 from the Lore of shadows (including thus Pit of shades) his deamonshiths got spell 1 and 6 from the lore of metal.

And now i’ll start working on the first turn, i’ll post if whithin 30 minutes.


Bas got the first turn and moved his complete army towards me as fast as possible. The Osidian Guards made an extra move in the magic face with their magic mover banner. I dispelled some of his magic but he still did a wound on my general and killed 3 black orcs with Creeping Death!
In the shooting face his left boltthrower got its points back by killing 2 of my centaurs and his earhshaker hit my generals block, killing  a few and slowing the unit down.

at the start of my turn I saw I made a mistake in the deployment, I put my centaurs right behind the wolfboys, luckily they passed their animosity test. I then put them in front of the forest to taunt his Bullcentaurs.

The back orcs moved forward at the top speed of 8 inc locking their sight on the Obsidian guards. the wolfboy hero moved out of the unit of warriors, getting in range of his earthshaker for the next turn.

My sorcerer managed to cast Dark hand of Death(D6 S4 hits) on Bas right Bull Centaurs rolling 6, Bas than completely failed to dispel that by rolling 5 on 3 dice. 2 fell down. In the shooting phase I killed the remaining 3 bullcentaurs thanks to the Hobgoblins who killed 1. My right flank was safe! My Earthshaker only managed to slow down the Obsidians and his Blunderbusses, good enough so they wouldn’t be able to shoot in his next turn.


Bas decided not to charge my wolfboys the trap was too obvious… he moved his wolfboys in position to charge my Earth Shaker next turn and the rest of his army moved forward.
In his magic phase he killed some more Blackorcs and some Blunderbusses, he then tried to cast Pit of shades on my generals block, succeeded, but no double 6 so I used a Scroll to stop that.

In the shooting phase this eartshaker wasnt that effective but his left boltthrower got more than his point worth by killing another 2 of my centaurs forcing them to take a panic test… they rolled 9 but as I was playing the RH list this was just enough… His right Boltthrower aimed at my wolf hero got a hit, wounded but than only rolled a 1 for the amount of wounds…

Charge was the theme of my 2dn turn (as i’m a vanilla dwarf player is was really enjoying this). the wolfboys not affected by animosity charged the blunderbusses, some got killed on the charge but enough made it to the combat. My centaurs slammed in his bullcentaurs the blackorcs charged the Obsidians and I decided to charge the block of warriors with my wolfboy hero, with some luck i could kill or damage that annoiyning demon smith.

Magic passed uneventful and the only thing my Earthshaker managed to do was to completely miss the wolfboys and then rolling 11 for the range, the wolf boys wouldn’t be able to charge the next turn, but my bolthtrouwer was also affected next turn.

Then combat commenced. My centaurs with the hero all wielding greatweapons wiped out the Bullcentaurs. I didnt over run cos they could now see the blunderbusses. the wolfboys failed to do anything, got hit back but just managed to pass their braektest cos the were within range of my general. then it was time for the Black orcs 13!! WS4 S5 attacks on the charge (hitting on 4’s wounding on 3’s). they got one hit on the BSB and they killed the champion but that was all, 4 of them got killed in return. the result was so disappointing that they decided to stick around for anther round by passing the breaktest on double 1(no surprise with all the 1’s they were rolling). The Wolfboy hero with his sword of might totally fumbled and got killed in return, the warriors over ran an slammed in my block of warriors.

I had to put a little censorship on the photo, if I show a painted pic of my sorcerer lord I get disqualified from the Golden painting thingy.

Now I have to make some supper, turn 3 coming up after that.


everything was locked in combat so no mugh movement, Bas then discovered his magic users were of no use when in combat so cast steed of shadows on his lord to get a better view of the battle field, he then got my blunderbusses down to only 2 ranks but his magic was rather uneventful after that. In the shooting phase the bolttrouwer got a 300% interest out of its points killing another 2 centours, there where only 4 left.

In the combat phase his left unit of blunderbusses killed all but one wolfrider and scared the last one away, the followed just far enough to get out of view from my centaurs. this time the black orcs had enough and ran away, the Obsidians followed but didn’t overran them.

During combat the Indy warriors with the desmonsmith killed 3 of my warriors, my general only managed to kill one in return, but thanks to his LD 10 the passed the breaktest.

when it was my turn it was high time for some damage, I moved everything so than almost everyone holding somekind of ballistic weapon could shoot at his lord and I moved my sorcerer in the tower so he could magic missile him as well. my centaurs had to turn and survive one more round of shooting.

Bas canceled all the magic missiles and my blunderbusses only killed some Obsidians. I tried to shoot my eathshaker, maybe killing it or at least making it miss a shooting phase, it hit, but then scattered of target, rolling only 4" what was just enough to effect it next turn.


Bas started with a charge on my Earthshaker, The Obsidian followed, they weren’t finished yet there were still some Black orcs alive. His sorcerer then started blasting at my sorcerer, inflickting 2 wound. creeping death doesnt work against Toughness 5 hero’s so he continued to kill some extra warriors instead.

His Eartshaker then got so exited from all the killing and mayhem so tried to charge anything breathing when it got a misfire result. the blunderbusses brought my centaurs down to 3 models… then his boltthrower had to check if it could shoot this turn, it could, but then missed the centaurs…

The obsidian guard made some more black orc pathe, one orc could still fight back and replied by killing the BSB, he then left the battlefield.

My centaurs survived! I only had 3 left, but that included a champion and a hero, so exited I declared a charge on the Blunderbusses and demon smith. Bas then told me the unit caused fear because of the annoying demon smith, they rolled and got a 10… just enough as they where within 12" of my general.
The other warriors charged the other blunderbusses.

Then it was time for my sorcerer, his was still alive! The fist magic missile was dispelled but the second hit home… HARD rolling 10 hits and doing 4 wounds. he then only saved one so he was dead… but not quite a ward save of 6+ was just enough to keep him on the battlefield. he was one tough mother.

In the combat phase I rolled the centaurs first for obvious reasons, when not in combat these guys die very fast but once in combat they can really do some damage. They killed the Deamonsmith and some more blunderbusses and completely overran them and slammed in the side of the chaos dwarf warriors already locked in combat. They killed some more here and than the demon smith failed to kill the champion so their unit strength was still 6, no more rank bonus. that was to much for the dwarfs of chaos so the started running and got ran over. as a bonus the centaurs clipped the over enthusiastic earthshaker.

My earthshaker canon crew than scared of the wolfboys and the warriors ran over the remaining blunderbusses.


Bas started with a successful rallytest for his wolfboys and turned his remaining Obsidians towards my blunderbusses, I failed to dispel the magic move so they slammed in my blunderbusses. the rest of his magic failed without any support from his now dead demon smiths.

The boltthrower tried to shoot the now very close warriors, some got killed but they kept getting closer and closer.

The Obsidians than changed from black orc flavored pate to blunderbuss pate and destroyed pulverized the unit.

9 strenght 6 attacks was just enough for my 3 remaining centaurs to kill the beast that was once called Earthshaker.

A charge into the opponents deployment zone (and at the boltthrower) marked the start of my turn, the hobgoblins moved into position to do what they call “shoot”.

My sorcerer than said enough magic missiles have been cast and took a bit of a gamble and rolled 4 dice to cast Steal Soul at his nemesis. one four, one five bit more importantly two sixes came up. his opponent turned even more gray with a bit of green and collapsed, his soul and energy was absorbed and my Sorcerer felt like a million slaves. (getting back to 2 wound so no victory points lost)

In the shooting phase the last of the Dwarfs of Chaos were killed.
to make an example the boltthrower crew got butchered. all that remained of my opponent army was Hobgoblins more slaves for my lord ofcourse.

End result lost: 961 won 2170 +100(most banners) +100(BSB killed) +100(general killed) +100(most table quarters) a massacre (my first)


phoey, writing that report was more work than I thought.I do hope you enjoyed reading it. I thought it would be cool to do again in the future, but we’ll see (:

Really enjoyed the game Bas is a very relaxed opponent to play against (and to be honest we did this game a week ago and I got butchered).

now it time for something completely different!


What a fun game and a nice win for the RH list


Great Battle report! :hat off

I enjoyed the reading!

I’m a bit surprised of the outcome of the game! I thought the result would be much closer … :~

I think I will analyse the report much more careful in the next time to learn just a little! :smiley:

I know I’m a real rookie in gaming … who knows ahen I play the next game???



Nice and an interesting read. I’ve got a lot of reeespekt for those who do diagrams. I’ve done it once in Word took me ages.

I’d recommend a program that helps writing Battle reports, www.battlechronicler.com. I’ve used it now for maybe 8 bat rep quite nice program.


@ qwe50 Yeah the few advantages the RH list had over the Indi list really came out in my favor. (centaurs LD 9 ipv 8, larger effet of the Earthshaker)

@Zanko Yeah me to, but my 2 main blocks were still over half strength and I only lost the Blunders, Black orcs and wolfboys, of those only the Black orcs cost any real points (and I got their banner back once I destroyed the Obsidians, battle could have totally gone the other way if my general hadnt passed his 2 all important breaktests. And if your looking for any tactical advise, my simplest rule is, stick with a list for some time, that way you get to know your army. You’ll know what it can and cant do. That will avoit moments like, Oh I totally forgot my general’s “you lose” item and he had a ward save after all. Oh and Put your centaurs on the flank along with the wolfboys, dont break them up.

But how can you be a rookie? you got a awesome old school model collection, you should have been playing for at least 15+ years.

@snowblizz Yeah thanx, as you can see from the time from the first post to the last it took me quite some time. the program you recommend looks quite interesting, might give it a try once. But for this report I wanted a look that reminded me of the 4dr edition battle reports I used to love.


Great report ! One of the best I ever read :hat off

Only pity is DoCh lost the battle. IMO, if they had more guns they should win - or not lose by masacre.

(by the way, strange that they will not have any eruption gun) :slight_smile:


Great battle report and a very interesting out come, well worth some slaves for all the effort that you have put in :slight_smile:


Great report! You put a lot effort into it. Probably the best one I’ve read here on CDO.
I really liked the 4-5:th edition batrep feel to it.


Thanx, thats a lot of positive feedback. a good reason to try it again in the future. But I cant promise when it’ll happen.

@Balseraph: Bas was trying out a magic heavy list, normally he brings more death rockets to the field. There is going to be a tournament in a few weeks and we were trying different things. (or Bas is, I’m just trying to learn to play with chaos stunties).

@Loki: Thanx, I love the Slaves concept so they are most welcome.

@Borak: I was feeling nostalgic. and I wouldnt know how a battle report looks nowadays. I havent looked at white dwarf for ages (and I used to have a subscription).


But how can you be a rookie? you got a awesome old school model collection, you should have been playing for at least 15+ years.

My "problem" is that the guys with them I played were lost many years ago!
Nowadays I have only mates to play Roleplaying Games or wargames with but "table-topers".
My last Warhammer game is about 6 years ago, so I'm "only" a collectors and medium skilled painter.
But I have fun and with CDO I found new aims - to create a "real" legal army!



@ Zanko
I had the same problem. Only had one friend to play Warhammer against (and he moved to America). But I fixed the problem by going to loads of tournaments (I was In Germany last year for the ECT just for the heck of it). your local GW/GW associated  shop will probably have some small tourney ever so often and you can easily find that kind of info online. If you show up at any tournament with Chaos Dwarfs everyone will want to play against you as some people never have (took me 15 years to finally meet them on the battlefield). especially with your cool model collection.
And the good thing about tournaments is no surprise “house rules” you never heard of.

The only disadvantage is your army must be tournament legal, but that only ever effects the GW organised tournemants as every other tourny alows non GW models and even the Indy list is widely excepted.

Now go out and play with those awesome miniatures of you! Its selfish to just keep them for yourself. Posting pictures online isnt enough (;


@ Bolg: Where do you live? :wink:

           Perhaps we might find some time (depending on my wife, children and work) to play a epic battle! :cheers

           What about the next “Spiel” in Essen?! Or a lovley seaside weekend somewhere in the Netherlands?

           The family at the beach and the tough guys at “work”? :smiley:



@ Zanko Essen is “only” 2.5 hour drive away, if I can find someone stupid enough to joint me its possible, so when is this “Spiel” (i assume it a tournament)?

If you’re ever in NL for hollyday drop me a PM, I would love to play against your models (and drink beer).

Get this, it we weren’t playing Warhammer, we would be making dates with hot girls about now (;


@ Zanko Essen is "only" 2.5 hour drive away, if I can find someone stupid enough to joint me its possible, so when is this "Spiel" (i assume it a tournament)?

If you're ever in NL for hollyday drop me a PM, I would love to play against your models (and drink beer).

Get this, it we weren't playing Warhammer, we would be making dates with hot girls about now (;

The "Spiel" is every October and the biggest game-exhibiton of the world! :hat off

Concerning the idea with the beer drinking - great! :cheers  but I'm not sure what my wife will think about the hot girls ... ;)