[Archive] Battle Report Needed!


Posting this here for a bit more profile.

I’m in need of two players to fight out and document a CD vs Orcs BR. Interested? Let me know.

Alan the evil:

what do you mean “document”?

a report of a match or something with game drafts and picture?

or someone that plays in front of you and you gonna report it?


When do you need it by? Do all the minis need to be painted… and as Alan said… um, context?


Document as in write up a Battle Report, photograph etc.

As far as painted most definitely.

Timeframe is YTBD, but the battle report should be played by the end of the month.

Alan the evil:

this sunday I have a tournament…

if I’m gonna play vs Orcs I’m gonna do a report.

I will take my camera on the tournament


OK let me know. To any interested I’m going to be casting the net wide on this one, meaning I’m going to offer this up to almost any party interested so I dont get burned with not having a report. First one completed and submitted gets in.