[Archive] Battle Report [New Rules!]


Okay, here is a report of my first battle with CDs and my first battle with the new WFB rules! It was a demonstration of the new rules at my local GW, and as such, the opposing army was a mish-mash of different armies.

The Forces of Order

19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/blunderbusses and heavy armour

15 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/hand weapons, shields, heavy armour and full command

1 Death Rocket

5 Chaos Bull Dwarf Centaurs w/hand weapons, great weapons, shields, heavy armour and full command

10 Black Orcs w/two hand weapons apiece, great weapons, shields, heavy armour, full command

1 Chaos Dwarf Hero w/hand weapon, great weapon, & armour of Gazrakh (deployed with combat warriors)

1 Lvl. 2 Chaos Sorcerer w/hand weapon (deployed with blunderbussiers)

The Forces of Disorder

5 Chaos Knights w/full command

15 Chaos Warriors w/full command

1 Lvl. 2 Skink Priest w/hand weapon

15 Saurus Warriors w/full command

20 Dwarf Warriors w/full command

The Deployment

The forces of disorder got first turn, and so they rushed forwards. If march blocked, you can overcome it by passing a leadership test. In the magic phase, we saw some new rules.

- At the start of phase, roll 2d6; the result of both dice is the total number of power dice you get, the result of the higher dice is the number of dispel dice that the opponent gets.

- Each wizard knows one spell per level plus the signature spell of his lore.

- Each wizard can cast one spell per level per phase.

- A wizard may use up to 6 dice on casting a spell, and adds his magic level.

- Each wizard gains a bonus effect from his particular lore of magic.

- Wizards of the Lore of Heavens, when they cast a spell on a flying unit automatically deal an additional 1d6 strength 4 hits

- Hits caused by spells from the lore of metal always wound on a roll equal to the armour save of the target (2+ maximum)

- For every wound caused by a spell from the lore of death, roll a d6. On a 5+, you may add a power dice to your casting pool.

- Most spells have an option to cast a more powerful version at a higher casting value, e.g. the spell Glittering Armour, cast on a 9+, gives a unit within 24" scaly skin (5+). A more powerful version of the spell, cast on a 16+, gives all allied units within 12" scaly skin (5+). Another spell, Enchanted Blades of Aiban (9+) gives +1 to a target unit’s rolls to hit in shooting and combat (which I think includes blunderbusses) and makes such attacks magical armour piercing attacks. It’s enhanced form is cast on a 12+ and has double the range.

So anyway, the skink priest cast Uranon’s thunderbolt (1d6 strength 6 hits, 24" range), and I didn’t try to dispel this spell throughout the entire game (it killed about 8 models in the entire game). It killed 2 black orcs.

On my turn, I wheeled my army to the left and moved the bull centaurs to a position so that when the chaos knights charged the infantry, the centaurs could flank charge them. In the magic phase, my metal wizard fried two chaos knights in their armour, the death rocket did nothing.

Turn 2

The chaos knights failed in their charge, and got blunderbussed for their trouble. The skink priest had a spell that made my blunderbussiers ineffective, but I dispelled it whenever it was cast.

My blunderbussiers had another crack at the chaos knights, but again did nothing.

Turn 3

The chaos knights charged the blunderbussiers, and a third round of blunderbuss fire again failed to do anything. Combat was inconclusive.

My turn, the chaos dwarf warriors charged the chaos warriors in the front, and the bull centaurs charged them in the flank. The black orcs charged the knights in the flank. The combat with the knights did nothing (again), but the warriors were beaten in combat by 10 points to 2, and run down by the centaurs and chaos dwarfs.

Turn 4

The Chaos knights were finally slaughtered by black orcs with great weapons.

The Death Rocket inflicted its first casualty of the game by accidentally killing a saurus warrior (it was aiming for the dwarf warriors >.< ). The Bull centaurs and warriors repositioned so they faced the enemy.

Turn 5

The dwarf warriors charged the blunderbussiers, who fled. The saurus warriors charged the chaos dwarf warriors, who got pasted. Fortunately, my general passed his test at leadership 5.

The blunderbussiers rallied The black orcs charged the dwarf warriors, and the bull centaurs charged the skink priest in the building. The priest was butchered, and the chaos hero (who fluffed his attacks in the previous turn) pasted 3 saurus warriors, who then fled and were overrun.

Turn 6

The Black orcs were wiped out leaving only their boss (who fled).

The Death Rocket FINALLY killed some of its targets (6 dwarf warriors). The sorcerer miscast and wounded himself, also killing 3 blunderbussiers.


Forces of Order remaining

Chaos Dwarf Hero

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (one wound)

8 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbussiers

8 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

5 Bull Centaurs

1 Black Orc Boss (fleeing)

1 Death Rocket

Forces of Disorder remaining

5 Saurus Warriors (fleeing)

10 Dwarf Warriors

So a resounding victory in my first ever CD game, and my first ever game with the new rules!


Very intersting to read that you tested the new rules. Nice to pull off a win too :slight_smile:


Nice short batrep. How did you like the new terrain rules?

For spell selection, isn’t it “you can replace one of your randomly generated spells by the Signature spell” instead of “you roll some random spells AND you know the signature spell”?