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I just played a 2k game vs beastmen.

my list:

test list 2000

Sorcerer Prophet

Level 4

Healing potion

Talisman of Protection

Dragon Helm

Lore of Hashut

Potion of Int.



Light Armor

Enchanted Shield

Hatred Dagger



2+ 4+ armor





Chaos dwarf warriorx24


War Banner



Magma Cannon

Death Shriekerx3


Dread Quake mortar

Ogre Slave

K’daai Destroyer

He had

2 big blocks of bestigors with GW

1 block of gors

1 razor gor

4 chariots

no magic or shooting

Hitty lord and Hitty BSB

1 sets of 5 harpies

I got down first which was good, but then wiffed the roll and had to go 2nd.

His first turn was spent getting closer to me.

My first turn I screwed up a rocket attack with the wrong ammo type saving his chariot. Wiff magic with 2. Used the Magma Cannon to kill about 10 guys.

2nd turn his harpies were into 1 rocket and my magma cannon. and the razorgor into my mortar. I should have blocked that better.

His gors charged by hobgoblins and i Got 30 stand and shoots dealt like 7 wounds. then he hit them with 2 chariot.

I got a few good magic phases of the 6 spell 3 times probably killed 30 models all total atleast. Hatred is also a must have.

With hatred my 5 wide 10 deep hobgoblins actually did alright.

Also my dwarfs with great weapons cleaned up well.

He ultimately won because i failed to get my dwarf into combat soon enough, I was silly and kept them back thinking id support my war machines and that didn’t happen.

Can blunderbusses shoot into combat with these new rules?

Anyways the goblin hero did well, I didn’t really get to use much of the lord gear but it was fun I lucked out no IF’s.

He ended the game with about 2 units of 7 bestigors left and 2 chariots, I was destroyed.

One slightly better magic phase or perhaps a me going first would have won the game. I need a better formation for set up to protect the warmachines.

The destroyer was really impressive vs his bestigors, he needs a tad more support though against a really big unit. I also killed myself due to the fluff rule.

Novogord Vivendi:

Hey, that is some nice report and it looks like a good list to.

On the blunderbuss question, I don’t think we can shoot in combat. No one can, except Skaven (in the old rules anyway).


Blunderbusses shoot like every normal firing units… No more “template” like rule, so no they can’t shoot in HtH.


Blunderbusses shoot like every normal firing units... No more "template" like rule, so no they can't shoot in HtH.

Boo my favorite trick was to have them shoot at a my war machines when stuck in combat, crew dives behind T7 machine others guys get shot to crap.


I thought the list wasn’t released yet. Are you using the leaked shots of the rough draft?


I thought the list wasn't released yet. Are you using the leaked shots of the rough draft?

Yup only using the stuff that makes sense and seems balanced, so no 7 point wolf riders, even though I got 20 of them.

as you can see my list was very tame and not over powered.