[Archive] Battlescribe


I’m hoping this is the right spot for this thread!!

I’m have spent the last couple of days so far, and expect many more to come working on a FW catalogue for this program. I am happy to do it just for myself though thought I’d share with anyone interested.

Without tooting my own horn I’m quite clever and the aim is in fact to have a file that will require only the rulebook to use at this point. I am however, a technophobe and anyone who has greater ability and experience with this program I would love some hints.

Anyone else who is interested as I develope I would love some feedback to try and perfect what is turning out to be a monster project for myself.

For those who have never heard of battlescribe it is an army builder equivalent program that can be downloaded for free, and is supposedly compatible with android phones.

Is there interest from the masses for my file??