[Archive] Battlestar Galactica final episode (spoilers)


What did you think?

I enjoyed it. It wrapped a lot of things up, and a number of things that had been bugging me are answered.

I like a lot of the little things they did.

Adama putting the ring on Rosyln, like he did in her visions on the basestar. Different tone though. Baltar making the comment “I do know about farming.”, actually made you sympathize with him… and I have to say I earned a lot of respect for the character in this episode… he’s been one of my two favorite characters (he and Tigh). Also tying together the Opera house.

Small things like that.

I also like how Galen finally avenged the death of one character I really liked. The twist on how Tory and he had been lovers on Earth, she kills his love… he kills her and the chain reaction it starts.

I also thought Cavil’s end seemed very in character. It really did.

“the dying leader shall lead them to their end”… there is three ways I can think of taking this.

1. Anders leading the fleet into the sun, the final death of the old ways.

2. Galatica itself dying around them, with its final jump leads them to the end of the journey.

3. Roslyn going to Earth.

There’s a lot of nice little touches… I really need to see the whole series the whole way through again.


The original 1978 Battlestar Galactica is the only one for me:hat off

Border Reiver:

I’ve seen both series on TV, and I have to say that the recent one blows the first out of the water. The scripting was generally to a very high standard, the plots never got to the “what near human alien do we encounter this week” stage, and the acting was always of an excellent standard.

My thoughts on the final episode was that the battle scene and the first half of the show was that it was superb. (I’m calling the first half right up to where they jump to Earth). The part on Earth seemed a little rushed, and felt like the writers were going “how many threads can we tie off in the time remaining to us.”

Gotta agree with you Swiss, Baltaar’s actions in this last episode and especially the “I do know about farming.” did actually make him a much more likeable character.

Although the Celt and Norse in me made want to see Tigh and Adama on the bridge ramming the Galactica into a Basestar in a final blaze of glory while Starbuck and Apollo (maybe Athena and Helo) get Hera off in the nick of time. Nothing like a little Ragnarok.


I watched all three parts of this together this last night after it finally downloaded. Brilliant stuff.

I also like the way it eventually tied it back to more than the most basic premises of the original series with the “angels” thing.

The only thing I would have liked would be to see the old-school centurions talking on the Colony, like they did in Razor.


you know, I think I saw 3 or 4 episodes total of BSG… I’ll just wait for it to sell on DVD…