[Archive] Battlestar Galactica ships... old and new series!


I’m at Little Wars and there’s a mom and pop shop that’s made a ton of these.

I picked up some colonial stuff. The price is decent.

Battlestar (new show) Galactica class (whatever class): $12 and it’s a few inches long.

Fighters are small (guessing 5mm long? 10mm?) and are 50 cents a pop.

New show basestars are $15 a pop. I’ll pick some up probably.

I’ll get the contact info in case anyone wants them.

With decent rules, you can make a 1 or 2 ship per side battle and get a fun game going cheaply. Perhaps the “Full Thrust” rules that are now available free on the web (via the maker)

Stupid computer here doesn’t take my memory card, so no pics for now.

They have a ton of different classes and such too.


I definately want contact info. This is so asking for a set of Full Thrust stats…


Here’s some pics of the display the sculptor had when I was buying stuff

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I find the colonial ships rather repetitive… IMO any Battlestars should really stick out of these, but there are too many ships that look alike. The “Red Spur” seems like a nice addition to the Cylon designs, though. Hope he makes a model of the resurrection hub someday. :slight_smile:


I’d like to see a Resurrection ship too.

I might mix in some of my old B5W and B5 Fleet Action Babylon 5 Earthforce ships for medium and small craft. They have the nice boxy style and paint scheme that fits.