[Archive] Bazil's extremely slow grind to complete a Chaos Dwarf army


Hello everyone, no doubt you have seen me around the boards adding my 2 cents to everything, but I figured it was finally time to start on my own PLOG for CD as I start from the very begining.

My plan is to make a completely non-conventional looking Chaos Dwarf army. I have a few plans on how to do this but it will take a long time and a lot of Green Stuff. My Pack Rat abbilities will most deffinately come in handy, as well as my seemingly endless bitz boxes.

So Sit back and Enjoy. Here are 2 WIP. The metal Dwarf is a 6th edition Dwarf Lord, that I am still adapting the weapon. As for the other model his head is from the 6th edition Chaos Undivided Aspiring Champion, Great Weapon Arm and Torso from the old Chaos Warriors Sprue, legs from the previous Dwarf Plastic Sprue, and the hand is a Chaos Space Marine


These are a nice start, and they feel like they mean business - certainly your dwarf with the massive gauntlet and axe looks suitably menacing :slight_smile: good stuff. If your going for a non-conventional look, have you already got some thoughts about what your going to do, or will you see how the conversions and painting develop?


Im planning on using my access to many sprues, to portray my vision. I think I can give off the Chaos Dwarf ideal without the mass amounts of ‘Big Hats’ and/or braided beards. I want to make the corrupted dwarfs more bulky which is why I used the old chaos warrior sprue.


I´m very curious to see your coming Chaos Dwarfs!

Your 1st ones looks very promising, unusual and quite unique!

So … go on! :wink:


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Very interesting use of a Power Fist! Can’t wait to see these guys paintied up!


Well I have been busy working on my Golden Hat entry, I am not going to show you any pictures of my WIP cuz lets face it your slaves might steal the idea and use it against me. I am using the gun from a Beast Wars/Beasties(depending which country) Metallic Rampage as the basis of my inspiration for my armies Death Rocket, and Entry of GH 10. Trust me it will look nothing like the original gun once Im done with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Love the idea of using Chaos Space Marine parts for your dwarfs, I’m thinking of going down the same road with my more heavly armoured dwarfs, plus can’t wait to see the end result of your death rocket conversion :hat off


So heres some updates

I finnished the Hero in a ‘Big Hat’ as you saw before I gave a fur ring around the bottom giving him more of a Russian look. Now I just had to finnish with his weapon. I decided to take the Flails from the Maurader sprue and ad 2 of them make him look especially menacing.

And my continued work on my Hero with a Great Weapon and Fist that I have decided will count as Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel. I have been working on his lower half. The back part is patterned plastic card and the front obviously is green stuff. I just need to make the joints once it the GS has cured and I will be finnished.

And a special Treat for you my Death Rocket Crew so far


Great start, the flails work really well :slight_smile: hope to see some of these painted soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for the encouragement guys :smiley: I plan on Starting on priming a couple models tomorrow.

But here is what I am drawing some of my inspirration from. The Russian/Ukaranian Cossaks. the first picture shows just how much character these people have. They also had the Big hats for all those out there who loved them so dang much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. sorry about my grainy pictures hopefully I can take some better ones tomorrow for everyone


So I didnt get the priming done today which I had planed. But I have a couple other things to show

First is my finished Hero ready to be primed and painted

Another view of my Flail Hero this time from the front, and better resolution

And I was watching the Hellboy movies and I decided to try and make a Sorcerer so here is the WIP show of him. I am going to have my Sorcerers a bit more dishevled and hense shorter than the regular Dwarves, and lack the Beards that all others hold dear.

And as always progress has been continueing on my Death Rocket but I am out of Green Stuff so I must make the trek to the far off store to get some more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I finally Painted one :o let there be shock and awe heard round the forums. Not my best work and my crumby picture taking doesnt help but here is the result.

And then in my ever continuous rumaging through my old bits and stuff I may be able to use I found this. Recognize it? no? Its a Griffon Mortar for the Imperial Guard thats OOP sad to say that I purchased from my old gaming store a ways back used, they used to have a trade in policy for GW stuff back when they still dealt with the products. How I miss those days. And the Shell is from the Baneblade Sprue


Wow, the sorcerer is truly unique!

you just have to love that little fella :smiley:

It will be fun to see how he turns out.

smart to use the griffon aswell,

do I smell earth shaker? :wink:



More great work Bazil, that griffon gun would make a sweet earthshaker :slight_smile:


Yes it is my intention to use the Griffon as an Earthshaker