[Archive] Baznar the Blasted goes to war!


So I had a battle today with a friend of mine who runs Dark Elves. It was 2400 points and a ton of fun. My list was as follows.

Lvl 4, talisman of preservation, chalice (Baznar the Blasted)

Lvl 2, dispell scroll, charmed shield (Golruk the Grim)

Castellan, BSB, Mask, Ironcurse Icon, SHield (Hakkar the Bloody)

Khan on Wolf, Light Armor

Khan on Wolf

25 Blunderbusses Banner of Swiftness, Full Command

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats, Bow

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats, Bow

Magma Cannon



3 Bull Centaurs, Shields

K’daai Destroyer

5 Wolf Riders, Bows

His list went something like this.

Hellebron on the Cauldron of Blood Witchblood Brew (i think?)

Lvl 2 Sorceress

Lvl 1 Sorceress

25 Witch Elves

20 Corsairs lichebone pennant

10 Repeater Crossbowmen

10 Repeater Crossbowmen

30 Spearmen banner of swiftness

2 War Hydras

2 Bolt Throwers

We played battle line and he deployed first. He deployed in Bolt Throwers in back center and back right. He placed his repeater Xbow units on either flank of the center bolt thrower. Between the 2nd bolt thrower and xbowmen he deployed his witchelves. The war hydras were split out wide to the left flank by themselves. On the very far right he placed his corsairs.

To the left flank I deployed my light armor khan (i had two extra points, so why not?), my bull centaurs, and a unit of hobgoblins. I thought that they would do well enough against the hydras to keep them out of my backfield long enough to matter.

To the center i deployed my 2nd hobgoblins. To the right I deployed my warmachines on a hill with the Golruk watching them. In front of them was the blunderbuss unit with Baznar and Hakkar. They were deployed 12 wide. I put my 2nd khan and the 5 wolf riders to the far right with the k’daai behind them.

He won first turn. Before starting a vanguarded my wolf riders up to threaten his bolt thrower. For spells, he had doombolt, word of pain, and vortex something. his magic was inconsequential the whole game as I never let anything get through successfully that had an impact on the game. I rolled Curse of hashut, breath of hatred, ash storm, and flames of azgorh for my lvl 4, and my lvl 2 rolled up Enchanted Blades and Glittering Robes.

His first turn.

He attempted to charge the wolf riders with his corsairs and i fled. He then moved up his war hydras, witch elves, spearmen, and right most xbowmen. His shooting claimed one blunderbuss and a bull centaur.

My first turn.

I rallied the wolves and put them almost into the flank of the spearmen. I then charged the 2nd hydra with the bulls and khan. I pushed my khan up to try and bait his corsairs off the table or threaten the bolt thrower. The k’daai stood still as nothing could be charged. Magic was largely ineffective. Shooting was not! The hobgoblins in the center did 3 wounds to the witch elves in shooting, the hobgoblins on the left did three wounds to the first hydra! My 2 deathshrieker picked off 2 xbowmen and the magma cannon picked off 6 spearmen. In close combat my bulls and khan beat the war hydra who failed its panic test and was run down by my khan. My bulls reformed to charge the bolt thrower next turn.

His turn 2.

He attempted to charge my line with his witch elves but failed. His remaining hydra charged my hobgoblins who passed their terror and fear checks. He charged my wolf riders who stuck as that would bring the spearmen into LoS and range of my Destroyer. He brought his corsairs up against my Khan. Magic was ineffective. Shooting saw him kill a hobgoblin and another bull centaur. Close combat saw his spearmen beat my wolves who fled, but he restrained. His hydra crushed my hobgoblins who fled off the table while he restrained.

My turn 2.

I charged his spearmen with the destroyer and his bolt thrower with the bull centaur while reforming my khan to get into his flank next turn. Magic saw me put hatred on the destroyer. Shooting was again nice. My magma cannon pivoted and shot off his remaining hydra, while the hobgoblins took 2 more witch elves off the table. My blunderbusses then were in range of the witch elves thanks to their failed charge and lit them up! They rolled up a three for their D3 shots, meaning i had 44 shots. With that and the re-rolls to wound i killed off all of his remaining witch elves leaving only hellebron and the cauldron. My deathshriekers killed one more xbowmen. In close combat I failed to kill his bolt thrower, but did win combat and he broke. My Destroyer killed 11 spearmen who were still steadfast and stuck.

His turn 3.

He charged hte cauldron into the center hobgoblins who did one wound on the stand and shoot. His corsairs charged my wolf riders who fled, but he still managed to run them down! His magic and shooting did no wounds. Close combat brought the end to my hobgoblins who broke. He overran into my first deathshrieker.

My turn 3.

My remaining bull centaur and left most khan charged his xbowmen. He shot down the khan though. My right most khan charged the right bolt thrower. My blunderbusses shot at his corsairs and picked off four. Otherwise shooting and magic were not impactful. I killed off boltthrower with my khan and tied combat with his xbowmen. The destroyer finished off the spearmen to a man. Hellebron dismantled the deathshrieker.

Turn 4

The only thing of consequence is the destroyer got in against Hellebron who did 3 wounds, and then the destroyer feasted on crone!

At this point he conceded. He had only a level 2 and his cauldron left, about 400 points. I had roughly 1850 points remaining, a resounding victory for Hashut!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Nice! I was afraid everyone was only getting to the list-making part of the game but never actually played. Good to see a win for the good guys!

More bat reps please!!


Great little report. Effective killing you had going there. Congratz on the victory and for spilling elf blood in the name of Hashut!

Nice!  I was afraid everyone was only getting to the list-making part of the game but never actually played.  Good to see a win for the good guys!

More bat reps please!!

Grimbold Blackhammer
I played to games friday night, currently waiting for the pictures and then I’ll bring to battle reports.


Well I will be playing these guys in a paint and play starting in February. Along the way I hope to tell the story of how Baznar the Blasted rose to power. I’ll try to post the batreps regularly and include a little bit of fluff because it’s fun.