[Archive] Baz's Chaos dwarves


So having about 30 games with these guys I realized I really should post up some pics of my army, its only fair after the inspiration other folks have given me. soon to come my skull cruncher and destroyer which is half chaos despoiler half siege giant


The only problem I see with yuor K’Daai Destroyer is now I will have to get one myself because it looks so good. I thought it would be too small, but it clearly isn’t. Kudos. This’ll be my second Destroyer, I’m working on a D&D Fire Elemental (idea stolen from someone on here… shamelessly) with an LED in it. Seeing your bull makes me want to put the Fire Elemental on hold and get one of those!

Also, I ordered an Iron Daemon a couple of days ago. I was a little bit in doubt as to whether it should be a regular Iron Daemon, a Skullcracker or if I should go for Drazhoath the Ashen. Seeing your ID makes me completely certain I made the right choice! My only suggestions would be to 1) wash the crewmembers’ skin and touch up with that nice skin colour of yours, and 2) maybe wash the metal on the 'Daemon itself with Badab Black wash and touch up with your metal tone (Boltgun Metal?) to make it looks more grimdark and oily.

Aside from those two little tidbits I think your models look great, especially the brass armour.


Some really good looking mix of models you have got there… The guy with the humongous tusks would almost make my big hats a bit envious. :slight_smile:


Baggronor’s, FW, big hats, Scibor’s … great mix of miniatures. I like brave people that leave their imagination roams free. The guy with enormous tusks is fantastic.

IMO the only miniature I do not like is the Forge World guy with the long rocket, too thin and modern looking rocket to be used with GW scale. I love his mates with the short rockets…


To be truthful the bull was planned as a destroyer before I got the book and saw the recommended base size. He is on a chariot base I plan on rebasing onto something that will fit the footprint of my units as a filler as he is lost on the 100 by 150 base at the minute. I use it as my hellcannon as don’t like the GW one. I plan on using the lower limbs of a soul grinder / chaos despoiler with the seige giant as my destroyer but have got distracted by the skull cracker model from forgeworld it’s gorgeous


Some updates to my chaos dwarves a bsb conversion from scribor, much Forgeworld goodness and some old school wolf riders


The Skullckreaker, what an amazing not-so-mini miniature :slight_smile:


Nice collection you have going! Yours is the first Chronopia Tusk guy I’ve seen painted up… I’ve wondered what the scale to other figures would be! I like your lava bubbling pieces… are those unit fillers? cool idea!

awesome stuff!


the lava pools were planned as fillers but are too big sadly the volcano is on 60mm base so is ok I use the other lava pools as bases for my war machines


My new hellcannon that doubles up as a deathquake mortar, I use the ogre gunner when I use it as a deathquake.

My destroyer is my pride and joy love it.


Very nice work here!:slight_smile:

Very good job on the destroyer! Have you taken some parts of the chaos siege giant?


Thanks the destroyer is made from a defiler and the siege giant. The mortar started with a thundercannons and has bits of a chaos chariot and dwarf flame cannon

Kera foehunter:

NIce army cool hellcanon idea