[Archive] BC from WH Giant cow?


Has anyone tried converting up a BC from the cow on the giant sprue?

I don’t have one so I can’t tell the sizes, but the model defiantely looks easy to convert.


It would be really difficult and a waste of time to do

1: It is waaaay too small

2: the legs are tied together and are too spindly for a BC

Lord Darkash:

Yeah i got it, far to small by any standards and the legs are tied together!

Traitor King:

Haha, had to look at this thread i read the words ‘giant cow…’

It would be too small and the legs wouldnt work being tied up.

black ork:

good idea but its to small and a bull centar with an utter dosnet make it a bull :stuck_out_tongue:


Boy I feel silly. I got bored so I started making one with that. It might turn out ok but im not sure. I really need more chaos heads. Taking apart the legs was a pain and cutting a guy in half was a pain too. I think I will put him on a rock to make him look bigger than he really is.

Kera foehunter:

thats sounds cool. but what if you put the legs and chest of a beastman on the front of the cow and use the leggs to replaced the back ones then all you need is a head??


I think I will put him on a rock to make him look bigger than he really is.

Greenstuffing a whole pile of plate armour and chainmail (possibly down to or close to ground level) might make it look bulkier as well.

Kera foehunter:

well it might look good as a female centaur since females are smaller than male and you can keep the unters too