[Archive] Beard Issues


Hi, I’m having trouble making beards. There are two main issues:

1. I can’t get them to stay cylindrical when I add the notches to the sides.

2. Either they come off the model while I’m trying to cut the notches, or they’ve cured too much for the notches to be noticeable.

Can anyone help me with these?


Haven’t made any myself, yet, but I would suggest that each time you make the notches, make them light, but put just enough pressue to push the beard-lock back into a roundish shape if it was deformed by the last notch.

balck ork:

how i do my beards is i let it only dry for about 15min and the lightly place it on the area.then I push it just so it sticks then sculpt it in to place

Lord Darkash:

I just work straight down the lockone side at a time. If you flatten it with the first row, just push it back into place with the next! and make sure your sculpting tool is lubricated in some fashion, be it vasaline or, as i do by sticking it in my mouth (Dont try this at home kids!) Hope this helps!


Well, the issue is that I’m not doing it exactly on the side, so although it looks passable it isn’t quite as cylindrical as, say, Xander’s.

I’m having another issue- I can’t get them to stick to the godd$&% model. What should I do?


superglue. Its a sledghammer method, but it would work. Let the glue dry before adding the notches, but that should only take about 20 seconds. The green stuff will take hours to dry, so you have plenty of time. Especially if you’re doing many at once.


im not reall sure why your having that problem. are you using greenstuff? if so you may want to add more yellow to the mix so it sticks to the model better. I use a scalpel to add the notches onto my beards (and most of my other detail work) because it allows you to make slight impressions without causing to my disturbances to the original shape of the piece.


Hi, I solved my problems. Basically, instead of rolling out each beard strand individually I mimicked Xander and made a long tube, from which I cut the strands.

I think the issue of it not sticking was from too much water.

Oh, and is it more yellow = fast dry more sticky, or fast dry less sticky, or slow dry etc.?


more yellow = softer and slower