[Archive] Beastmen alliance with the Chaos dwarves idea

Khelgar Darkflail:

Now, to start off, i’d like to say greetings to everyone, as this is my first post.

However, to the point, i had an idea, containing a bit of self made fluff, where a band of Chaos Dwarves who where on an expedition to the north along with a band of Ironskin ogre slavers, where ambushed by a pack of beastmen along with their Doombull leader.

The band of Chaos Dwarves, who had never seen neither beastmen nor minotaurs before, belived them to be living idols of Hashut. And therefore, spared the beastmens lifes and allied themselves with them in exchange of their metalworks (Weapons, armor, things that Beastmen could find use of).

The band of Chaos Dwarves, Ironskin ogres, and Beastmen then set up a small outpost, a village so to speak, where the Beastmens former camp had it’s place, beliving it to be a sacred spot.

Now, what do you think? Is it a bit too much? A bit too unreal that Chaos Dwarves would ally with savage, brutal beastmen?

Please. Response, suggestions and criticism is always welcome.

Captain Crayon:

Well, as far as a mutual alliance between chaos dwarfs and beastmen im not too sure…

Now enslaving them i think is a different (and very tasty) kettle of fish altogether.

But from a modelling point of view i dig it :slight_smile:

Ultimatly if you wanted to include beastmen in your army as ‘avatars of hashut’ or something, you could very easily use beastmen as orcs, and minotaurs as mercenary ogres.

Khelgar Darkflail:

That is true, a mutual alliance between the industrial Chaos Dwarves and the barbaric Beastmen is one of the things that made me doubt on the idea…

However, enslaving you say?

Well, that could work too, altough since these Chaos Dwarves see the beastmen as living idols of Hashut, they would probably not get to work where the common slaves have their places…

Perhaps as warriors? Or servants to the high priests of Hashut?