[Archive] Bell + doomwheel?


Random idea, someone could combine the bell with the doomwheel (or even 2!) and have an awesome looking model.

Gar Shadowfame:

i dont think so, new bell has some parts that dont look like an engine, more “static construction+wheels” and doomwheel is definitely an engine

Hashut’s Blessing:

Alternatively, you could replace the wheels on either side with a Doomwheel on each. Megacrazy funs ^^


If anyone were to combine these machines together, it will be one hell of a construction.

but, Grimstonefire do you have any idea???


I would need to compare the width of the doomwheel with the width between the two sides of the bell. I’ll be able to measure the bell soon (as I have just bought one), so it would be a case of getting measurements of the doomwheel (which hopefully someone would have).

Beyond this it would be a case of thinking carefully about how best to join them.

I won’t be doing this with my one though, as I want it themed as pestilens.


Grim, I’ve already begun turning the doomwheel into a crazy looking daemoneater


Okay cool, I hope you’ll keep me updatet on your projct then :smiley:


Nurgle Warshine, maybe. o.o