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Few days ago I fighting against O&G (with Indy Gt army book) and I thinking about new stuff for CD. When his fanatics destroy my Bull centaur regiment - I know what I want :slight_smile:

I want kamikaze and…

/sorry for my english, I use Translatica to translate this from polish. If you have some question or you don’t understand what I mean - just ask :slight_smile: I try to translate again :)/

Enjoy :slight_smile:


From slaves they are strongest, CD chose Slaves to gladiatorial combats. Stuffed with alchemy etc are becoming crazy and stronger and numb. In this way Chaos Dwarf testing a different measure to find the best and most effective �?odrug�?�. In the case of the war, Berserkers, are being taken in cages for the battlefield and dropped to the enemy.

As gladiators they are fighting to the death of their Men to last living. This �?omeetings�?� are being organized few times in the year. The winner of fights receives an award. Award in the notion of Chaos Dwarfs. He is left devoted on the Hashuts altar as bravest of gladiators and �?�drugs�?� which were given to him are remembered and are still updated in order to create the excellent warrior.

Berserkers are carrying hip bands, helmet/masks and battle gloves, clubs etc

Special Rules: Immune are Psychology,


Berserkers before a battle drinks additional alchemy drugs and a huge stink is a result of this alchemical things. Effect of this stink is dire on the enemy who suffers -1 to hit in hand-to-hand combat. The great disadvantage to the Berserkers is that no unit of Chaos Dwarfs cannot be deployed closer than 3�?� to units of Bersekers.


Berserkers always attack with two weapons. This may be armed gloves and all ointment of the club etc. They are always enraged but not always attacks the same way(sometimes are using also teeth etc) and hence everyone berserker has additionally + D3 attacks (that is 1+D3)


Berserkers do not have a leader, standard or the musician. They are an uncontrollable hotchpotch which is flying toward the enemy and he is starting killing.


They always must charge to the nearest enemy as fast as they can. After the victorious fight unit of Berserkers can at once turn and move about D3 inches toward the new(nearest) enemy. If this movement will supply to the contact with the new enemy it is treated as the charge and one should examine fight in the same round. They always chasing defeated enemies.


As I write above,  before the battle, Berserkers are being stuffed with extra �?odrugs�?�. This can have negative effects with their handicapped brains . If in the reach of the charge, beginning from 2 turn, are any allied unit of the Chaos Dwarfs ,or they self, (or more close than the enemy unit) Berserkers must pass the Ld test. They must pass this test on their own Ld. If the test is pass Berserkers charge, if can to the closest enemy. If the test is failed they make normal move in direction of allied individuals (something wrong is happen with their brains).  If the test will fail and Player roll a duplicate 6 Berserkers will charge at the allied unit (too much alchemy got to brain). If they reach to contact with a unit of Chaos Dwarfs ,or they allied,  berserkers are taken down as killed to the last person, plus D3 from the unit to which charge. This unit cannot make move in this round. Chaos Dwarfs remember the accident with Black Orcs and they right away eliminating such problems.

Protection: thanks to alchemic, their skin is hardening and it is far more withstood than different. From here they have not-modified ward save 6+


- cannot have magic objects.

- Chaos Dwarfs or Hobgoblins hero cannot attach to them


M WS BS S  T  W  I  A  Ld

4   4   1 5  5   1  2  1   4

What do you think? Good or not? :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

i don’t know but if they share there drink maybe !

but if you dull the brain to much they be killed like attacking a dragon

i think it would not be a drug !! i think the art of berking is a menal focas thing!! where you build your self up and then you get to a state of mind and you let go

with the smarts that you will not do something stupid!!


I’m sorry Kera but I don’t understand. What do you mean? :frowning:


I think she means that berserkers don’t use drugs. They are just literally insane.

But, historically most berserkers did use drugs so I think your on the right track there.


i’ve pondered over the idea of some alchemical nutters, sort of a kind of slayers/flagellants unit for CD’s


IMO it’s a nice idea the Berserker thing …

but they are too strong!

Fanatics and your Berserkers are much to similar!

I have no good idea make it better but in this way it’s not unique enough (IMO)! :wink: