[Archive] Best Contributor(5)


The nominees are:


“Malorndk for his banners.”

“Selected almost at random between two Danes and one Swede. Malorndk’s banner project is a towering achievement, maybe a once-in a decade boon of a resource.”

“His project for the 4th edition banners was incredible…it really adds so much to this forum to have those banners “cleaned up” and made available for everybody to use. Clearly it was a lot of work and a labor of love on his part…and anybody who puts that much love into this community is clearly a valid contributor. <3”


“Hi! Im nomitaing Bloodbeard bacause of his work with making the nonprofit hobgoblin heads. The Chaos dwarf army is monstly community driven and I believe that this is the kind of big contributions that is keeping our community alive.”

“Thank you! :hat off”

“The main reason for my nomination is to push forward the community in a lot of different areas. A great own blog and very rational  constructive posts in the most active army blogs (not only “that`s nice”), rules, rumors, whatever.

Additionally is to mention the hobgoblin head project which he is part of.”

“Keeping the CDO Wiki alive and updating it to the current edition. A great contribution to the community.”