[Archive] Best General(6)


The nominees are:


"A good and experienced general."


“Bloodbeard, he gives indepth feedback and view on other people army list. And frequently answer in the tactic section with clear analysis.”

“Bloodbeard is a veteran general extraordinaire. Great reports during the whole of 2014 with a big emphasis on explaining and sharing his tricks with his fellow generals.”

“Advice on any given subject, army, colours, point costs, etc…”

“Although he often writes he plays low points games most times his advice, quick answers to rule questions and presence in all areas of the military section were essential and important and posts were always clearly structured.”

“There are lots of good generals here on CDO, all with their own strategies and tips per individual play style. But what impresses me most is when a CDO member offers to make army lists for other members, as well as help them “fine tune” existing lists. Bloodbeard has been great in this regard, he always freely offers to help with well rounded, balanced and effective army lists. It’s easy enough to make a “sledgehammer” list, but Bloodbeard always gives “balanced” lists…and keeping the game balanced is keeping the game fun. Kudos to him for keeping in the spirit of the game.”