[Archive] best glue for resin?

Da Crusha:

I bought this model a while ago and 2 of the fins have broken off, do you guys know whats the best type of glue to use for a resin model? its too thin to pin and I really dont want to just glue it on and end up losing one of the pieces one day. will plastic glue work?


Super glue. Or rather I suspect a high quality super glue.

Plastic glue will not work.

Though when people say something is too thin to pin, I tend to reply, get smaller drill-bits.

See if you can strengthen the bond somehow, eg green stuff.


I have in the past used slithers of paper super glued to the resin and then superglued the paper to the resin afterwards. This strangely works for me and has kept my Kollosus and deamoneater from being smashed to smitherines when my wonderfull 6 year old son knocked the Kollosus off the dinningroom table.


I have had the same thing happen with that very model, i just used a good quality super gule and i have never had a problem :slight_smile:


Use a good standard superglue - and make sure the joins are clean. You may sand it lightly with fine sand paper.

And like Snowblizz said - there are no excuse for not pinning it together :wink:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

When I built model cars (And when I go back to it), I had a lot of resin bodied ones to back-date certain cars, say from a 1969 Mercury Cougar to a 1967 Cougar.

Crazy glue is your best bet as it seems to have a special bond on resin. One other suggestion that no one has posted is that if you have some pin holes (open air bubbles that leave little craters on the resin’s surface) in the resin and you need to fill them, use some baking powder andput it in the hole. After that, squeze a little bit of the super glue on top of the baking soda. Once dry, you should be able to sand off the baking soda/crazy glue like it was part of the resin.


I don’t like and use super glue: No time to adjust and too fragile afterwards. I always use 2 part epoxy (UHU plus 5 minutes) for resin and metal.


5 minutes is a long time to wait holding two parts…!?

I find standard superglue works even better on resin than it does on metal (as long as all surfaces to be glued are unpainted). Maybe it depends on the type of resin?

Da Crusha:

well thanks for the help guys. I havent done anything about it yet but I do have some of the smallest drill bits available, thin as a needle and i’ve cut needles to use as pins. I guess this is the perfect situation to try and use them again, but it looks like I really have to be perfect on this one. Im going to use gale force 9 super glue.


5 minutes is a long time to wait holding two parts...!?

Yes, it takes a bit (5 minutes) of patience, but then again, 0 seconds is a short time to adjust the parts ;)
On the other side, all people are complaining that Tyranid (old metal) Gargoyles and Zoanthrops are so difficult to glue and break every game: No problem with epoxy glue, as it fills all gaps and is even strengthened by them.