[Archive] Best Hero Set up


What would be the best set up for hero choices for:

2000 point cd only army heavy warriors w/ very few bb?

2000 point gun line army?

what would be the best hero choices?

Ancient History:

Your average Chaos Dwarf Warrior has a Leadership of 9, so they don’t need a hero to lead them, really, and your Heroes and/or Lord set-up depends on what enemy you expect to face and your strategy.

If you want to just trust your stout Chaos Dwarfs, you can forego Heroes altogether and just buy another couple troops. Or you can take a Chaos Dwarf Lord and give him a few choice weapons and send him hero-hunting with a small retinue. A Bull Centuar Hero has the advantage in being able to charge out of the unit when the enemy gets close enough - good at plowing through small “sticky” units designed to trap your larger block of troops. Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers of course can provide ranged magical attacks.

One thing about either a warrior-heavy or blunderbuss-heavy army is how slow the troops are - a Chaos Dwarf Lord or Sorcerer Lord mounted on a flying critter can make that up some, but they’re damned expensive.


I personally take 2 sorcerers, one as lore of fire, one as lore of metal. I give one a power stone and a dispel scroll, while the other has the chalice of darkness. With this setup i have managed to out magic a dark elf magic heavy army. The down side to this is obviously if you have a fast opponent who will instantly target the guy with the chalice then go for the other one. But i find exploiting this fear by using a screen of hobgobbos to pin the flanking troops and counter flank with warrriors with great weapons… but i am a bit of a sadist in that regard :slight_smile:

Those are my thoughts Mosk :cheers

Uzkul Werit:

There a couple of good combos but I would always take two Lv2 Wizards with at least two dispel scrolls between them. There you have enough dice to fend off some magic. Now depending on if you plan on taking a flying monster, you may want a CD Hero to act as your General as his Leadership is the same as a Lord’s. Enchanted Shield/Heavy Armour is a good set up here as it offers cheap protection for a model that is only there for his Ld 10.


A CD Hero can nicely hold the line with his Ld10, especially with a few greenskin units nearby. Might be useful if you are going up against TK with their -2Ld Panic test causing war machines.


Gunline army take 2 lvl 2 sorcs and a bsb and a sorc lord and you can dominate that mahic phase dont take a lammasu. i always take 2 lvl 2 sorcs over 2000 points no matter what:P