[Archive] Best Hobbyist(6)


The nominees are:


"Maybe not the most skillfull hobbyist around - but one of the most productive. Constantly adding miniatures to his collection and getting projects done. The giant slave caravan for GHXXI was an amazing feat of hobbywork. Abecedar works with many materials and minatures - a great hobbyist."


“I would say Skink, not the most humble dude out there on the forum but such a cool looking army!”

“I will nominate Skink. His armyblog was very active in the beginning of 2014, where he painted 74 beautiful Hobgoblins and sculpted his own insanely cool Destroyer. His painting is ace, and it won him a painting contest in 2014, but the biggest difference between Skink and some of our other top hobbyists is the care and details he spent on his bases. Great army blog!”

“His models are truly fantastic. Conversions, colors and with a flawless paint job!! I am a true fan of his work!”

“During 2014 Skink has a real impressive work-output all painted to the level of perfection. One of the best hobbyists in CDO history.”