[Archive] Best Overall Member(6)


The nominees are:


“Great armyblogg and always a joy to be around. A true asset to the community.”

“TheHoodedMan is a great asset to the CDO community. With a nice blog, regular updates, nice collection featuring many different models, the first painted Titan Forge destroyer on the webite. TheHoodedMan always offers support, constructive criticism and supports his fellow members. He joins competitions and has send out emissaries during The Great Emissary exchange.

Backing initiatives like that is a great way to be a good member.”

"Since joining our CDO community this past year, TheHoodedMan has been a consistently great member. Not only with great models, but also with a great attitude.

His willingness to help out others, post constructive feedback, trade emissaries with other members, actively participate in the various contests and always being fair in the Market Place are all qualities that exemplify his positive contributions to this forum. Truly a great guy and we’re very lucky to have him here as a fellow Dawi Zharr Cheers!"


“Admiral, reward a cool and active dude in our family.”

“Has his hand in everything, sculpting, administrating, writing, and is an extremely nice chap to boot with a crazy sense of humour.”

“A nice person who always sees the best in his fellow members and a great collector and creator of Dawi Zharr background where he is one of the best. We should not forget how important this aspect is especially for our army, where every force looks different, the history and feeling of the faction is the glue which keeps us CD fans together.”

“He is keeping the CDO community from falling into the abyss.”



“Bloodbeard !! For everything you did for this forum !”

“Wiki, nice attitude, the initiative and brave caster behind the Hobgoblin headcasting venture, nice contest entries. All around great. Chosen despite being a southern weakling Dane.”

“This site just would not be the same without him…not only has he kept the site even keeled as a Moderator, but he always makes good constructive feedback to lots of posts. Whether it be the Wiki, welcoming new members, offering army lists, campaign battle reports or good old fashioned model building…he does it all, and always in a positive mood that encourages others here on CDO.”

"I would like to nominate Bloodbeard for BEST OVERALL MEMBER. In my humble opinion, Bloodbeard has the whole package even when we ignore his recent mod status. He has a great attitude towards everyone. He is a calm fosrce, when shit hits the fan. He protects the integrity of the medal/slaves system when something seems off. He has a steady stream of Battlereports, with pictures, maps and warstories, with some very good tactics at a lot of different topic, and at a various pointsize. His armyblog shows great progress with some insane warmachine conversions and a decent paintjob to boot. He participated in most (if not all) contests in 2014, but never got his medal, as he often was a vote or two behind third place. He is very present on the wiki as well, which is now far more updated than it was in 2013. All of this did he accomplice while getting a newborn son, who has had a hard start due to an early birth, which in turn has resulted in some very irregular sleep patterns for poor Bloodbeard. All these achievements combined makes Bloodbeard the ideal candidate for this medal. Well done bro! Chaos Dwarf Online wouldn�?Tt be the same without you! <3"

"Seems to be online 24/7. Great work on the wiki project, and always does his best for the to help others and to make the forum involve, has a grey army of his own. "