[Archive] Best shape of shields for CD?


Although this would be interesting normally, I’m asking really because I’m going to be making some arms with shields attached for my warriors soon.

So, the poll says it all really.

If you prefer some custom shape based on one of these, for example a rectangle ish shield based on the chaos warriors ones, or a circle with a bit cut out, just vote for the closest.

Blue in VT:

I love the old Marauder Coffin Shaped ones

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Golder Goldeater:

I think coffin shaped shields are excellent for regular dwarfs but if you want em to scream “evil”, I 'd go for wooden circle ones. Kinda like beastmen shields.


A while ago I made some interesting designs for iron shields, based on a bull’s head from the side. I could modify it into pretty much any shape.


Skull shaped for the win just like mine :stuck_out_tongue:


A stylistic version of a teardrop would seem to be fitting IMO (but then again, I like classics ;P)

On the other hand, rectangular tower shields also would look rather awesome I guess.

Thommy H:

Square or round, I think, but I can see an argument for slightly weird-looking triangular ones (although Skaven already have that angle covered…).


I’m thinking octagon shape shields…


i like the roman shape of shield, but for dwaves, i might have to nudge towards round.

suits them


Im really partial to Roman style shields and the coffin shape ones. they portray an ‘implacable’ sort of image.


Round every time. Metal too, Dwarfs don’t use wood, its too perishable.

Although rectangular would work too, maybe with the corners cut off, so a distorted octagon. But round for me.


I’m so classic. Round for me :slight_smile: Even though square is nice either…


Round in my preference. Maybe because thats what I used on my CD warriors.

Glimpse the Void:

I prefer round. Anything else just seems kind of “fru fru” to me. It’s practical, and I can’t picture them really using something else. Now if we were talking characters, that’s a completely different situation.


Though I did vote circle, I think an option I have never seen that could be very cool is metal kite shields, could add a very tough and well-armored look (especially to the new Infernal Guard).

Border Reiver:

Rectangular for maximum coverage - maybe with a cut out for their fire glaives/blunderbusses