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Hello everyone!

been quite a while since I’ve posted some material on this forum,

and the reason is mostly cause I’ve moved to a new apartment.

The new tyranids will be released sometime in the middle of january,

and I’m a huge Tyranid fan.

It was actually the first models I’ve bought when I started with warhammer (somewhat 10 years ago).

In 2004 when I had some more experience I decided to give another go at the nids.

I decided a colourscheme and painted a force of about 1000-1500 pts.

I’m far from done with the army (having 3 unopened battleforces :D), It’s just been hybernating for the last years.

hopefully I will give it another go now when the new codex will be released.

Anyhow, the reason I post is to show you my latest project. (and the first at my new workdesk :))

It all started with that I saw the new trygon model. It’s awesome.

I heard rumors that they had it on display at my local hobby store (for pre-orders).

Then I got a plan, and went down there.

I’ve entered many models in the stores painting competitions (some of them tyranids),

and therefore know the owner pretty well.

my plan was to make a deal with him, in which I painted the trygon and then displayed it along with my other nids in his store,

giving him more commercial for the release of the new nids, and then letting me buy the trygon from him for a discounted price.

It was a win-win situation, and he agreed.

They were closing for the cristmas days (24-27) so that was my time limit.

here’s the beast :yar:

I was thinking about doing a diorama base for the models, that would fit into the display case at the store.

I already had a capillary tower I made a while ago, and decided to build the diorama base around it.

I made it out of cheap white styrofoam;

I decided to make a background aswell, where I would paint a landscape;

Here the diorama base is painted, and I’d started to paint the background.

unforunatly, I only had two acrylic paints at home (a was to much of a cheap-ass to use warhammer paints.)

The restricted palette was yellow ocre and cadmium red. I chose the ocre;

I also made the trygons base a little more interestning:

Then It was time for me to start painting the trygon.

My friend joined me for a painting marathon, and I finished the trygon in about 10-12 hours, in that time he’d painted 15 skaven night runners :slight_smile:

I was so busy painting, I only took two pictures during the session, and their not much to look at, anyhow;

Finally, the Trygon was painted!

Here compared to my intimidating carnifex. (which is not that intimidating anymore :~)

I didn’t really get any good picture of the final result on the diorama and all, since I had very little time (and no battery charger for the camera).

but this is somewhat how it looked in the end.

the picture’s blurry, you cant see the background that well.

and I did some highlights on the vegitations later.

Anyhow, I’ll take some good pictures next time I’m at the store.

hope you enjoy!



Thommy H:

Christ, that’s a big beastie, isn’t it? Nice work too.


Looks really impressive! :slight_smile:


Woash awesome Dude, makes me want to get my Space Marines and blast um!

Border Reiver:

Better take off and nuke it from orbit - it’s the only way to be sure.

Awesome diorama. Simply awesome


Woash awesome Dude, makes me want to get my Space Marines and blast um!


Yeah, i do too. But, the Ultramarines 1st company already tried that so I think I'll just call exterminatus.


Very impressive! :hat off

Awesome model! Super Diaorama! :cheers

Great paint scheme! :slight_smile:

Nothing more to mention!



Fantastic Diorama and great painting on the back! Everything you touch turns into gold… are you King Midas?

The only way to get rid of bifg bugs is to use a good bug exterminator:



Ishkur Cinderhat:

Awesome - and a very nice colour scheme! Naturalistic and yet very ominous. Me likey. :hat off


Went to the hobbystore today to take home the diorama.

And as I promised earlier, I took som better pictures of it,

before I brought it home.

so just for the record, here they are;

(sorry if they’re quite large (I mean the pics, the nids are supposed to be big :wink: )

the genestealer on the far right must have been shot or something,

didn’t notice that before after the picture :smiley:

I will put up a seperate thread for my nid army later sometime.

For now I’m to busy with other armies… x.x



Awesome work once again M3lvin! What type of nid army are you thinking of; lots of big monsters or a full on horde?


I think I’m going for a horde, although I wont pick up my tyranid project for a long time, I got to much other things to do.

The core of the army is built up of 4 battle forces,

but only one of them i painted.

I think I have something like;

1 broodlord

36 genestealers

48 hormagaunts

48 termagants

16 ripper swarms

11 warrriors

4 carnifexes

… and one trygon

I’m having thoughts of adding a hive tyrant and perhaps building a bio-titan,

but as said, that will be later.

I’m gonna start a thread for the army later when I’ll continue with the project, so watch out :cheers



Awesome stuff! :slight_smile:

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Amazing work on every model there , and the back ground art and base look amazing as well :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Truly awesome. That’s an IKEA cabinet they’re in, right? Now if that’s not truly patriotic I don’t know what is. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone :cheers

Ideed it is Ishkur, and now when the diorama’s not on showcase in the hobbystores IKEA cabinet anymore,

It’s still on display in my room at home in… YET ANOTHER IKEA CABINET!! :o




Goodness gracious! Fantastic work Melvin:hat off