[Archive] BFSP Cannon


Hi guys,

I had this thought a while ago, about turning the BfSP Cannon into an Earthshaker cannon. Basically cutting the barrel out, moving it back a bit and angling it upwards (of course, cutting off excess) and then fleshing out the barrel with green stuff.

However, I must ask to those who own both this model, and the old Earthshaker model.

How does it compare sizewise? I honestly can’t get a good guage about it from the pictures I’ve seen. I’m mostly concerned when it comes to the length of the warmachine, as without the barrel tucking out over the side, the cannon is quite small.

I’m trying to get my head around whether it’ll be worth all the effort in trying to make it into a feasible earthshaker or just going along with making it a Death Rocket ala Xander style.

Lord Zarkov:

It’s far too small; it could make a good Death Rocket; but certainly not an Earthshaker