[Archive] BfSP Contents (Goblins, Pony etc)


Hello all.

I have the following sold:

40 Night Goblin Spearmen.

20 Night Goblin Archers.

10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders.

Night Goblin Big Boss.

Night Goblin Shaman.


Pony cart.

Dwarf Dragon Slayer.

The Goblin terrain.

Templates; small, large and flame.

Battle for Skull Pass book.

Bag of dice.

All above = £25 to Ubertechie.

The above is now sold to Ubertechie, that you everyone for your interest.

Cheers all,


Pyro Stick:

Damn. If i hadnt just bought so much off of ebay then i would be interested in the 60 Night Goblins. But i dont have any money so i guess ill sit this one out.


You know that all of those Goblins could be used as Hobgoblins, right?

That one box will give you approximatley 1,300 points of CD.


Therefore I have the following for sale, most likely suitable for Hobgoblins:

Yes FifthWindLegion, I know they can be used as Hobgoblins. However my 2,000 point list has exactly 10 Hobgoblins, and those are Bolt Thrower crew, plus I convert them mainly from Empire Flagellants.

I need a lot of Chaos Dwarfs, and as such, all the Goblin stuff and stuff I won't be using is for sale. On that note, there's also the following:

8 Dwarf Miners. (£4) Not included in the offer of 'Everything for £25' which only covers stuff in the first post.


I would like to request the £25 deal if it is still going, pm me with the relevant details if it is[/align]


The £25 deal is going to Ubertechie as he was the first to PM me, sorry Sousunou.

The only thing left has now been sold:

8 Dwarf Miners. (£4) to Sousunou.

Thanks everyone for the interest.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Damn you Jiggs :smiley: