[Archive] BFSP Grudge Pony .. BULL CENTAUR? w/ pics


So, I’ve been cranking along with getting scale mail done on my chaos dwarfs.��I recently picked up 3 double boxes of miners as well as getting some BFSP dwarfs in trade.��Anyway, thats a lot of extra box space, so as I was clipping out the many bitz off the sprue I was wondering what I could do with some of the extras.

Especially the ponies.��What could I possibly do with 15 Grudge ponies?��(For those of you who haven’t gotten the miners, you get one pony and cart per 5 dwarfs)��I mean, theyre so much squatter and tougher looking than normal horses, i can’t really use them for anything else… And why would i need short squat brutal looking horses for a chaos dwarf army.��Oh yeah, to make the easiest bull centaur conversion evar.

Behold,��my test bull centaur:

You’ll notice he doesn’t have a proper beard, or armour, and hes lacking a spine.��Literally.��But this was just a chop job to see if it works.��And it does!

The conversion is essentially chopping the pony of at the head, cutting off the back bit of the harness and tail and building a dwarf back piece.

-The head chop is easy.

-cutting down the harness is as well but the tail is a bit tricky.��I carved my plastic down, but you could chop it down and resculpt if youre more comfortable doing that.��He needs a new tail, which will be a bit of wire and a greenstuff tuft at the end.

-building the back on a real BC wont be too hard.��I’ve been building scale mail onto the normal dwarfs anyway so I’m going to use a green stuff blob to sculpt scales on top of.��Once its dry I’ll put the bands that go around the arm on, and probably a shoulder pad to beef him up.

- they need a bit of GS along the bottom, but if you put in a bit sloppily it’ll pretty much be all covered up be beards with skulls and spikes hanging off them.

This test was done with an extra torso and spare arms although you could just as easily use a BFSP miner, and saw him in half at the waist.

The finished guy is noticably bigger than a normal dwarf, but not HUGE.��He stands at about eye to eye with a chaos warrior.

I’m going to see how I wasnt to do his armour.��I may just put a bit around the back to clean up where the horse tail was.��Or chop down all his gear and do like… “barding” . I kinda like him with the little packs though, it looks like he uses that to carry around his stuff instead of hanging gear off his belt or having a backback.

Next project is going to be smashing together a harpoon launcher style bolthrower from the cart and the loose drill.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Ishkur Cinderhat:

Much too small for my taste, but it works better than I imagined it would! :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t mind a few pics of the finished product with some more green stuff. Many people were excited to try this conversion when they first heard about the Pony, but most agreed it was too small. I’d love to see more progress on this.

Also, I’d love to see pics of everything else you have on the go. :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s a real stunty, do you have any close up pics?


Looks about the same height as a normal BC. Or is it really that much shorter?

The captain:

They don’t come out to bad in comparison to a reguler CD. I’ll try and get a scale picture of mine up tomorrow


not bad…maybe…too small, but a unit in that size can look cool

Lord Darkash:

I like. I steal.

Monkey see monkey do! :slight_smile:

The captain:

This was my GS test, to see if it works.

I’ve been waiting for 4 week’s to get some others done as I’m to cheep to afford some new GS :mad

And yes he’s missing his mace head, but thats because i don’t have many, and the good ones will need it more then him :hat


If it weren’t for the fact that you had done so already, you could do a bit of an illusion by mounting on corkboard.

As the rest of your army might be on this it won’t make the illusion work, but for other people looking at this you can make them appear a bit taller.

Another trick will be to cut the front legs off the tab and very carefully bend a few of them back onto hind legs.

I would go for layers of armour plates on the bull parts.

balck ork:

that is a good idea to use the gruge pony i am going to have alot from buying all those boxes of miners :slight_smile:


looks seriously cool actually.

the stoutness of the pony is good, although its not as tall as a regular bull, it would be half dwarf half bull so should still be pretty short.

i might consider doing a few if i get some ponies!


on battlewagonbitz can buy a lot for cheap… lol and i’m going to make a big order…

EDIT:battle wagon bits is closing…there are a great offer called mega grab bag…interesting


I might give this a go, just for the fun of it, if it’s too small I will paint it like a statue. Hehe.


yeah, I mean, Most people have at least one spare grudge pony to try it out on. And you get SO many with dwarf miners (especially if the double box is still available at your local GW) that it’s like, why not use them for something?


Ya, I have like 5 of them. I am usually pretty particular about the look of my troops, but these ponies need a use. It’s really a shame they aren’t just a smidgen bigger.