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Does anyone have a good idea what to do with these things? I don’t want them to go to waste but I cant see a way to make them into something useful like wolf riders or something. I’ve been looking around the forum but haven’t seen anything. Also nut sure how I’m gunna make bull centaur bodies. Everyone seems to have the real metal chaos dwarf ones and I don’t think horses really look right. If anyone’s got some ideas let me know! Thanks.


Here is a perfect example for using horses as bull centaurs this is Blogs’s army and it is ace


He has done some amazing work turning horses in to bull centaurs with excellent results hope this helps, if you need more info no how to make them i am sure if you PM him he will be happy to help.

On the question of spider riders you could use them as hobgoblin wolf riders just paint them up a little different, you could call them lava spiders or something like that, a giant form of spider that lives in the dark lands :slight_smile:

The Snowman:

I have vERY different Bull Centaurs… Using cold one bodies and black orc tophalves…

Though on seeing the army together they are on the large side…

Link in my sig… I think


My cavalry are not the best you will see on the site but the results are quite pleasing and catch the eye of most oponents and Ive had nothing but good comments from the people that I have bulldoze oops I mean played and they have hit. Well when I say hit I mean demolish :wink:


Well Thanx Loki (:

Everyone seems to have the real metal chaos dwarf ones and I don’t think horses really look right.

If you work though this forum a bit you will see that there are so many different bull centaur conversions. (like me not everyone can pay he small fortune the old mini’s cost). the easiest way is getting some plastic armoured horses and just sticking plastic chaos warrior torsos on top (or the black orc torsos work great to). just have a look around.

And for the spiderriders, they can easily be used as wolfboys. I’ve been playing orc and gobbos for 15 years and always had the models but coulnt use them half the time, so they came along as wolfboys, nobody ever mind and i’m more a tournament player than a friendly game with a pall type.

Having said all that, there is a big chance there is going to be a hew warhammer edition this year, reason enough to hang on the models as the will become more difficult to come by the coming years. (not as a investment but from a collectors ponit of vieuw).


My pleasure Blog, your work is awesome and well deserved of such praise :hat off


Well, yesterday I also thpught about this problem. Coincidence? I don’t think so! ^^ Well yeah, it’s not easy to find some for them in a CD army. The spiders look too weak to be an alternative to bulls and this would fit more to elves or Slaanesh stuff than to a Dwarf. The riders also don’t look like they live in the Plains of Zharr, with their feathers. Even if archachnic creature live in the Plains of Zharr I would imagine them more like a harvestman (I didn’t know that this is their english name… sounds pretty cool ^^). My first soultution yesterday was that the spiders can easyly be converted into fly monsters (some people did this for Nurgle Gargoyles) and they look really cool. You can use them as Wolf Riders (okay, they cannt fly, but wolves are at least pretty fast ^^). They can belong to some kind of wicked fly cult tribe something… but then you also have to convert the riders and this isn’t that easy anymore…

Well, my second idea… unfortunately I haven’t one. This sucks, becuase my first odea behind the CD project was to use as many BfSP models as possible. I’m not good in fulfilling my originally plan :frowning:


You can use this guys from Impact Miniatures or just their lower parts and make than a nice conversion - like Swissdictator and myself made!

… or you can use these guys - I like them very much! :cheers

Concerning the spiders … no good idea cause I have none and so I didn’t thought about them! :wink:

Imo the option to use them as Wolfriders is quite cool - perhaps you should convert the riders a bit so that they look more Hobbo like!



Hey guys, thanks for all the helpful responses, lots of ideas to think about now. When I first saw the spider riders I figured I could take the gobs on them and put them on some wolfs, I didn’t realize that they really don’t have riding style legs.

Loki: I really like Bolgs bull centaurs, they were one of the first things I saw when I started checking out the forum. I really like the idea of cutting down the legs to get better proportions. As for what to call the spider riders, you could probably just call them Wolf Spider Riders. I know there really is such thing as a Wolf Spiders so it works pretty well.

Snowman: Your cold one bull centaurs are really awesome. I especially liked them when seen with the whole army. They looked big and menacing. I’m trying to go a more traditional route though I think. I also really like how you painted the goggles of your blunders, looks great, somethign I’ll have to remember when I do some up.

Thorne: Thanks for sharing, they look nice! Are those boar’s you used to convert them?

Bolg: Yeah, I was originally thinking of using a bunch of old horses I found. I’ve got a bunch of old armored plastic ones and some old metal even more heavily armored ones. I just felt that they didn’t look very bull like so I was looking for some ideas. Hacking down the legs like you did might do the trick.

Snotling: That fly idea might be just crazy enough to work! I think I’ll wait and see how yours turn out, haha. I’m also on a budget and trying to get the most out of a Skull Pass box.

Zanko: Hmm, those impact guys are a good idea. Those other ones you posted are an even better idea! Where are those from?

Thanks again everyone. Got a lot of great ideas to think about. I might even try to sculpt a bull body. Not sure I want to go through the hassle. I’ve done some casting though for some other things and if i could sculpt up one I could use it to make mold a whole unit or two.

As for the spider riders, I’m still undecided. I might just sell them or save them and convert some from some of the other gobs and some wolves. Part of me just wants to use them as they are though.



I forgot to post the link …  I usually do this!

So here is the link:  Gaspez Arts



Standard boars nothing special about them, Infact they looked pretty awfull to start off wiht but thats the problem with second hand models. They do look quite effective imho.

Kera foehunter:

Ah don’t give up so soon!! you can alway trade off the spider !! if you get the goblin wolf rider they come with rider legs and if you look at e-bay they sometime sell the goblin legs

but i did the same


@ Kera, those are pretty cool!

@Charoar, well good luck if you start converting! and dont forget to post pictures of your work min progress or at least the finished models.


I know this may be judged as herasey upon this site but hold with me here … Mayhaps instead of using the spiders to fill out your chaos dwarf ranks they could be used as Drider type dark elf centaurs, Half dark elf half spiders. Using more horse cow or even pig shaped lower parts to make the centaurs for your army ? mayhaps the dark rider or even wood elf cavalry wild riders could prove nice donor models for your centaurs ?


Well here’s what I used them for:

Alternatively, people have used them to make some very cool fiends of slaanesh: