[Archive] BFSP to LoA! Advice needed!



I have:

Skull Pass (12 dwarf warriors, 10 thunderers, 8 miners, 1 cannon with 3 crew, 1 thane, 1 slayer, grudge pony, 40 gobbo spearmen, 20 gobbo archers, 10 spider riders, 1 troll, and 1 gobbo big boss)

10 more Thunderers,


A Chaos dwarf champion type guy (ideal for a Infernal castellan),

Another 12 (converted) Skull Pass dwarfs,

A warmachine-cannon thing (which has not yet been shown because of GH 17),

The chaos dwarf renegade with a helmet (with 2 horns out the side and a smaller one out the top) who has both hands resting on his axe (he also has a cape)

And a few other individual CD conversions

So, I was wondering what to use them as?

The lord/champion type guy as an infernal castellan,

Astragoth as a Sorcerer-prophet

The warriors as infernal guard with hand weapons and sheilds,

Miners as infernal guard with Great weapons, (even though you only get 8…)x

20Thunderers as Infernal guard with fireglaives or blunderbusses,

The cannon warmachine secret thing with the dwarf cannon crew as a magma cannon/deathshrieker rocket,

Use the spider riders as 40k chaos spawn (but with wings to look like giant flies), not anything chaos dwarf related,

All the gobbos as cutthroats, with whichever weapon they are armed with,

Troll could be converted to a fireborn, or used as a troll in a warriors of chaos army (which I am still planning)

big boss or the shaman could be a khan.

I am looking for people to look through this, and tell me what is worth using as what, and if I got LoA-BFSP dwarfs right. If people who have used similar structured lists are reading this, please help me out!

Thanks  :hat off

Theforgefather  :D


not sure if you saw this… its a great tutorial on converting BFSP dwarves to CD’s…one of the guys on this forum did this video.It has 4 parts






Yeah, it was Xander’s videos that got me into chaos dwarfs about 1 year ago! :wink:


Oh! I forgot, I have 20 of these warhammer quest goblin archers, which are more hobgoblin-esque

richard barby:

what i have done is paint the clothing dirty red

merc red blood red highlights and devlin mud wash it makes them look different to normal goblins and if you paint th dwarfs with red like that they tie in and dont look like you have piled goblins with dwarfs to make an army they look like they belong together


Thanks Richard Barby, Although I was thinking more along the lines of rules wise, But thanks anyway!


I use BFSP for quite a few of my models. Warriors are fine as infernal guard, miners are ok as infernal guard with great weapons. Night goblins are certainly ok for hobbos. I’ve stuck some dark elf spear bits on the thunderers handguns to make them a bit more fireglaive-y (they’re probably on my blog).

Infernal guard are supposed to be closed helmets so no-one sees their shame, so it’s worth greenstuff-ing the warriors and miners to reflect this. Get some more miners (they’re dirt cheap on ebay) to make up a full unit. I used some chaos icons to convert the standards into something more dark and chaos-y.

One of my fireborn is a BFSP troll, he just stays at the back.

At a push, you could use the spider riders for wolf raiders for the time being.


Yeah, I’m not sure if it’s worth taking ironsworn, or just infernal guard…