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Hello everyone and welcome to my journey into the world of Chaos Dwarfs.

I’ve always had a great love of the Chaos dwarfs going right back to when I first started the hobby in 99/2000. Back then it was the tall hat wearing dwarfs and they always looked amazing on the battlefield. As time went on and my interest in the hobby waxed and waned, I finally come back to them now with a pocket full of disposable income (engineering kids, its always a good choice!)

I took the plunge just after Christmas and treated myself to this box of goodies.

After a tidy up and bath I had 10 infernal guard ready to be painted.

I painted up a tester to try out a scheme I saw on-line, I loved it and its where I will be going with the rest of the army.

Im also going to be trying out cork basing for the first time and thanks to Giantsquig for his basing tutorial this is what I’ve got so far.

So please keep checking in as I endeavour to keep this up to date. I’ve posted some character info and small introduction to my Deamonsmith/Sorcerer Prophet Bhalund Daemoneye in the next post.

Thanks for reading.


This intro is from a campaign that my friend is running for a few of us in the west of Scotland.

The figure watched from the shadows as his master poured over another ancient tomb, mumbling and occasionally scratching down some notes on ogre skin vellum. To interrupt him would bring punishment but this news could not wait.


He turned slowly to face him eyes glowing red, whether from candlelight or sorcery he could never tell. Looking down he saw small flames dancing between his blackened fingertips.

�?oWhat!�?� He spat through his coarse, black beard.

�?oOur wolf riders report multiple forces are massing on the mainland Master. Elves, deamons, undead and�?�and�?�.�?�

The flames grew larger; he knew the punishment would be terrible now.

�?oAnd dwarfs�?�…�?�

The glow behind his eyes blazed, and the flames in his Masters hand now roared. He could feel the skin of his hook nose charring under the intense heat; crumpling to the floor he began to beg for his life.

The flames flowed from the dwarfs�?T hand, slowly twisting along the floor to wrap around the hobgoblins crumpled form. The screams of mercy and pain were like music to his twisted mind, though he did not have time to savour the hobgoblins death throws. News of his vile kin had fanned the flames of hatred in his chest.

He would strike forward with his force, hunt down this �?oJewel of a Thousand Sons�?� that his tombs had mentioned and in Hashut�?Ts name sacrifice every one of his dwarven cousins.

Turning his gaze to the shadows, where his other hobgoblin slavers cowered, Bhalund bellowed;

�?oReady the Battlebarge and sound the warhorns, we make for the mainland at dusk!!�?�


That was a box of sweetness, and work;). You are of to a good start, don’t let us wait to long for more;):wink:


Welcome to the forums. Always nice to see a new army blog on here.

Great little piece of text there.


Wow, you really brought out the character with that colorscheme! Looks awefully good I must say.

Looking forward to see more of your work and for the love of the Dark Father keep us updated on how the campaign goes, really got into the story :hat off


I like the colour scheme. The red reminds me of classic big hats! Look forward to seeing some more!

Fuggit Khan:

I like the colour scheme. The red reminds me of classic big hats! Look forward to seeing some more!

I thought the exact same thing...love the classic red color scheme! This is a very nice army blog start...I also enjoyed the story fluff of the Sorceror Prophet, the bit of the blackened fingers from the lore of fire is great.
:hat off

giantsquig :

Great start on the bases! Looks great. I’m looking forward to watching this develop.