[Archive] Big Hat Chaos Dwarf army Pictures (not mine)


I was at the Battle of the Clubs (Tilburg, Netherlands) last weekend, Tamurkahn was allowed, I learned this to late and was already building a goblin list.

Luckily there was someone else that did bring our beloved evil stunties and he was nominated for best army…

So I took some pictures.

Sorry not all came out as good as I hoped but still here they are:

Its 2400 points. I spoke to the owner, forgot his name and dont think he is a active member here…


Classic CD, hum. Very nice, but… why are they into chess bases?

Thank you for the photos, Bolg


Very nicely painted army but wow those bases are psychedelic!


A fine army. Those chess bases suit the colourful big hat models. A pity only the plastic warriors are far from the metal miniatures’ standard. The simple ogre slave conversion is a nice touch. How were the bases made? I understand why the army caught people’s eyes and made them remember it. The only painting critique I have is for the flat-looking green barrels of the Earthshaker and Rocket Launcher. They seem plain compared to everything else in the army.


Well, after seeing my own army posted by someone else, I thought: let’s register and comment.

I got this army only 4 month’s before the dutch grand tournament and actually isn’t finished yet, all models still need some washes on their armour and some more highlights. I still need to make some banners etc. (and yes the earthshaker and deathshrieker also need more paint)

The bases… why? they look cool and flashy, i like that. they were made by cutting out little squares of carton and glueing them on the bases.

The armylist: I tried to put in as much cool stuff I had. The first choice I made was the lammasu, that model is way too cool not to field and it was actually not that bad on the battlefield. Second was the castellan with a BSB. I don’t have that much hobgoblins so they were out. I put in 2 big blocks of infernal guard. one with great weapons and one with hailshot blunderbusses. Next were the bull centaurs with great weapons and shields. <— these killed everything in their path. and finally the 2 warmachines.

And that’s it. My awesome CD-army. posted by bolg.


Welcome to the forum! I just loved to see those CD on the BotC so I had to share these photo’s

(oh and next year we want to go as a all chaos dwarf team, so you won’t be alone anymore)


Nice army , the bases are flashy


I love this army , a little bit funny theme for grim warriors !


Awesome army, good show all around


Oh my! These look great, in all honesty!

A nice take on the ‘red-army’ look. I am really digging the flashy tile bases, makes me thing either of Mom’s kitchen on the unholy depths of the Temples of Hashut.

Those tiles must be rather easy to wash the blood away from.


Welcome! A beautiful showing for the army. I love the basing technique, and the paint job is great! Look forward to seeing what else you add to the army. Cheers!


Chico hasn’t been on here since 2013.


Ooof we have all committed a grave act of Threadomancy gentlemen… get it a grave act :stuck_out_tongue:

well reguardless this was a great treasure to dig up out of the archeives, I certainly had never seen it before, a little tomb robbing from time to time isnt such a bad thing



You know it might actually be a good idea for a thread :idea


What got me was the welcome bit. I’ve been caught out previously. whilst browsing.

And it is a great find that has been “unearthed”

Grimbold Blackhammer:

While I cannot say I appreciate the color palette, at least it’s consistent and the army has a theme! And that right there makes it ten steps better than someone’s unpainted “grey” army :hashut


While I cannot say I appreciate the color palette, at least it's consistent and the army has a theme!  And that right there makes it ten steps better than someone's unpainted "grey" army :hashut

Grimbold Blackhammer
Exactly. I second that! Much better to see a colour palette on an army that you don't like than seeing a grey army. Unpainted armies were, are, and will always be a no-go!